Bard College: Become part of a global community of academics and creatives

Bard College: Become part of a global community of academics and creatives
Source: Karl Rabe, Bard College

“The most rewarding part of Bard is the freedom I have to write what I want to write and do the projects I want to do, both inside and outside of the classroom.”- Sara Xing Eisenberg, Bard student

If you’re searching for a global community that’s full of aspiring academics, fearless creatives and inquisitive innovators, Bard College is the ideal liberal arts institution for you.

Since 17 percent of Bard College students are international or dual citizens, you’ll always feel welcome and secure on this vibrant campus. Unlike other universities, Bard offers a diverse and broad global network. Instead of limiting to you to one destination, more than half of its students experience international opportunities and other valuable ventures outside the Annandale-on-Hudson campus.

Whether they’re traveling to join intensive language excursions, perform in concerts, to study abroad as exchange students or participate in civic engagement projects, Bard learners gradually evolve into active global citizens.

Bard is a 4-year liberal arts college with campuses in 5 global locations. Students planning to pursue specific careers can major in a liberal arts field from a choice of about 35 stand-alone programs, while tailoring the program to suit the requirements of their future graduate school or career goals.

Abiba Salahou. Source: Bard College

As student Abiba Salahou states, “Bard has shown me what kind of person I am and I’ve learned a lot outside of the classroom. I understand the impact of my actions now and know how to make smart decisions about my academics and my future.”

Additionally, to enhance their expertise, students can mold their majors into pre-professional fields such as Pre-Med, Pre-Law, Economics and Finance, Politics and Humanities and Computer Science.

Bard is also the only undergraduate college to have been invited to send their advanced science students to the one-semester program at the distinguished Rockefeller University.

Bard’s Annandale campus is the center from which students enjoy the abundant natural and cultural life of the Hudson Valley. There is easy access by car or train to New York City (about 90 miles to the south) and a working farm nearby for countryside escapes. As a National Historic Landmark, Montgomery Place provides a peaceful place to relax and study, while the main Bard Campus allows you to admire the spectacular sunsets over the Catskill Mountains.

Students also love the world-class performing arts venues on campus and can choose from more than a hundred active student clubs and vigorous athletic activities.

Source: Bard College

With the option to stroll or bike to class among stately trees, your Bard experience will be scenic and inspiring. As you’ll study, work, and relax in campus buildings that are as varied as the flora, the buildings on Stone Row and the cutting-edge contemporary architecture will be the perfect backdrop to your studies.

For student Austin Lehn, Bard was a transformative learning experience, “The college brings together a group of students with a sincere desire to positively affect the world. Whether these changes come through a piece of inspiring art, a scientific discovery, or a research project, Bard students are committed to making an impact on the world around them.”

“I have had so many enlightening conversations with my peers and truly believe that many of my friends here at Bard will become leaders in their respective fields,” he adds.

Civic engagement is at the core of Bard’s institutional mission and reflects the fundamental belief that higher-education institutions can and should operate for the public interest.

The Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) at Bard College supports, coordinates, and promotes a wide array of student and institutional initiatives. CCE creates and sustains reciprocal programs and relationships locally, nationally, and globally. These opportunities prepare Bard students to make a difference in the world.

Julia Jardine is another student who’s grateful for her time spent at Bard. “Because of the college’s opportunities,” she says, “I have seen the inside of a nonprofit at the most important stages, I have attended luncheons in Manhattan with some of the most powerful people in the city and I have spoken with the former executive editor of the New York Times about journalism today- I couldn’t have experienced such a transformative education without Bard College.”

Source: Sarah Wallack, Bard College

To escape your studies and to delve into the college’s cultural offerings, there’s the annual Bard SummerScape Festival. This yearly event brings together various local and global artists to Hudson Valley, allowing them to showcase and present their new work.

Proud of their learners’ impressive creative efforts, the festival supports innovators throughout all stages of their career and provides a space for their performances to thrive.

Alongside a keen appreciation for the arts, the school also supports the field of athletics. Through club sports, leadership initiatives and competitive gatherings, here, students hone their skills in collaboration and sportsmanship with the enthusiastic support of their fellow bardians.

That’s how Bard College consistently engages students. By capturing their learners’ potential and intellect, the college teaches them how to master the ideas and practices that will transform them into active global citizens of today.

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