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Bar-Ilan University: The ultimate choice for international students

Bar-Ilan University may rank among the world’s top 2% and it might be one of the highest-rated academic institutions in the country — but don’t let prestige fool you. This institution offers warm welcomes just as well as it conducts cutting-edge scientific research. Hence why its expansive campus in Israel currently hosts 22,000 students who represent over 90 countries. 

Unlike most, the university has welcomed international learners since its founding in 1955. Today, with more than 65 years of experience, Bar-Ilan University has mastered the art of helping students far from home reap the rewards of a study abroad experience without facing the common challenges of learning in a foreign country. 

Uplifting stories told around campus prove their methods are effective. Ask around, and you’ll hear of Communication students who just learnt to assemble and operate filming equipment enthusing the thrills of conducting on-camera video interviews or Archaeology students, researchers, and volunteers excavating at the site of Tell-es-Safi/Gath, which is situated between the Israeli cities of Ashkelon and Beit Shemesh. 

With a lot of ground to cover, BA in Communication & Political Science students might take a little longer to share their Bar-Ilan milestones. Student Martin Espinosa can tell you all about his internship at Israel Hayom and how he never expected the opportunity would lead to his work getting published. Final-year undergraduates — Jegors Krisbergs from Latvia, Chloe Schwartz from the US, Asher Melamed from Venezuela, Katrin Bondarieva from Ukraine, and Dan Sancovsky from Brazil — will tell you about the time they decided to go off the beaten path for their Politics, Leadership, and Strategy group project.

“Our team decided to make a podcast,” explains Krisbergs. “It addresses one of the most important episodes of Jewish History – the Maccabee Rebellion. We wanted to show interesting leadership and strategy and share our love of Israel at the same time.”

Bar-Ilan offers services for help with dorms, visas, sim cards, transport cards, and much more. Source: Bar-Ilan University

It’s easy to take such tasks by storm when provided with unwavering support. Staffers here are dedicated to ensuring each and every one of their students feels cared for throughout their Bar-Ilan journey. In fact, they offer services for help with dorms, visas, SIM cards, transport cards, and much more. They specialise in forging meaningful connections as well. There are infinite opportunities for students at Bar-Ilan to make lifelong friendships, such as study abroad excursions, participation in student clubs or organisations, research possibilities, and off-campus experiential learning opportunities.

Another factor keeping passionate discussions flowing at Bar-Ilan is its diverse collection of flexible degree programmes — which ensures every student gets to broaden their academic horizons simply by enquiring about another learner’s aspiration. 

Bar-Ilan’s world-renowned faculty members challenge their students daily while helping them develop and grow through a wide variety of long-term and short-term study opportunities. At the undergraduate level, they offer a Double Major in Multidisciplinary Jewish Studies and English Literature, Multidisciplinary BA in Jewish Studies, BA in Linguistics, BA in English Literature, BA in Communication & Political Science, and a BA in Communication & English Literature

Aspiring postgraduates can opt to pursue the MA in Biblical Studies, MSc in Brain Science, MA in Classical Studies (Research Track), MA in Creative Writing, MSc in Electrical Engineering, MA in English Literature, International MBA, MA in Jewish Philosophy, MSc in Life Sciences, MA In Linguistics, MA in Linguistics: Clinical Research, MSc in Physics, MA in Political Science, track: Middle Eastern Religion and Politics, or the MA in Translation and Interpreting Studies

International students love Bar-Ilan’s range of PhD and postdoctoral degrees as well. “What first attracted me to the university was the depth of scholars and the scholarship represented in the Bible department,” says PhD in Biblical Studies graduate Brian Kinzel. “There is no doubt that the people I’ve been studying under really understood the text of the Bible. I’ve also really benefited from being able to study in Israel because I’ve been able to learn to speak Hebrew, which of course, has helped me understand the Bible better.”

The best part? Despite its dynamism, the collective Bar-Ilan experience comes at a reasonable price, making it an ideal choice for international students looking to begin anew abroad without a financial worry in mind. So don’t entertain the idea of waiting, applications are now open, and your chance to study in Israel is just a click away.

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