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Bar-Ilan University: Prestige, diversity, affordability

What was only meant to be a two-month trip turned into two years for Paul Brooks when he began studying at Bar-Ilan University in 2020.

“I originally only came for about two months, but I liked it so much that I extended my stay and have now been here for two years, completing my PhD in Physics,” Brooks says.

Whenever he found a problem, support was forthcoming. Everywhere he turned, he saw and received warmth. 

“I found it so welcoming. It was so easy to make friends and it wasn’t uncommon for people to invite me over to their homes for dinner. Even my professors invited me for Shabbat dinners and to learn about their culture,” Brooks says.

“There was always support, whether it was social life or studies.”

Bar-Ilan University is a top choice for both local and international students. Since its inception in 1955, it has now become one of Israel’s leading institutions of higher education and ranks among the top 2% of all universities worldwide. 

Here, students like Brooks receive a great quality education and a highly recognised degree that lets them flourish wherever they go and in whatever field they choose.

More importantly, students develop and grow intellectually, academically, and personally as they receive the best possible education. Led by hundreds of highly attentive academic staff in state-of-the-art facilities, their time here prepares students for bright and successful futures.

BarIlan Students

The university is one of the highest-rated academic institutions in Israel. Source: Bar-Ilan University

Exceptional academic programmes

The university’s undergraduate degrees are all taught in English and include Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Linguistics, Multidisciplinary Jewish Studies, Communication and English Literature, and Communication and Political Science. It offers a Double Major in Multidisciplinary Jewish Studies and English Literature as well. 

For its postgraduate programmes, students can choose to undertake a Master of Arts which includes Translation and Interpreting Studies, Political Science (Middle Eastern Religion and Politics), Linguistics: Clinical Research, Linguistics, Jewish Philosophy, English Literature, Creative Writing, Classical Studies and Biblical Studies.

The Master of Science programmes offered are Physics, Life Sciences, Electrical Engineering, and Brain Science. Students can pursue an International Master of Business Administration as well.

At the doctoral and postdoctoral research levels, there are plenty of subjects candidates can choose from such as Chemistry, Computer Science, Medicine, Law, Biblical Studies and Psychology, among others. A full list can be viewed here.

BarIlan University Campus

Regardless of where students come from, there is a full range of support available for them. Source: Bar-Ilan University

True support for international students

A key part of Bar-Ilan University’s charm lies in its ability to fully understand and support each student’s needs, especially those coming from abroad. From visas to SIM cards, from dorms to transport cards, nothing is too small for staff to extend their help here. 

Home to students from more than 90 countries, the university is committed to diversity and prides itself on inclusion, intercultural excellence and helping students contribute to  their communities.

“I’m studying Communication and Political Science and having the most amazing time. It is so exciting to learn politics together with people who live and experience different things,” says Chloe Schwartz, a student from the US.

“The international community is filled with staff from all over the world, and they are always there to help and support you with anything you need, whether it is visas or fun activities. It is a great community.”

Ignacio Borge from Costa Rica agrees. “My experience at Bar-Ilan has been really good, and though my mother tongue is Spanish, people at university have been really warm and helpful and I have made friends and am thoroughly enjoying the study of science.”

Studying here is a dynamic experience that’s affordable — yet, there is no shortage of impact. Graduates have gone on to promising careers all over the world and have achieved much success and many accolades.

“I am now a Presidential Doctoral Fellow, focusing on the development of English as a heritage language. The Department of English Literature and Linguistics was undertaking research in bilingualism, and I was offered to assist,” says Karen Rose, an MA in Linguistics Clinical Research graduate.

If you’re interested in finding out more studying at Bar-Ilan University why not check out their virtual open day on the 10th of February! To register please click here

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