Bangor University: Ignite the high-tech engineering industry

Are you searching for a way into the booming high-tech engineering industry? If so, know that Bangor University  in Wales grants exclusive access to this respected field.

As the only university in Wales to achieve a Gold Award from the national Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), Bangor brings students together to experience outstanding learning standards. By establishing a global reputation as an exceptional educator, the university has been acknowledged by the National Student Survey (2017) for being a top academic institution in the UK for student satisfaction and course quality.

Build your knowledge in Bangor

As a student city with scenic surroundings, Bangor set between the beautiful mountains of Snowdonia and the Sea.

With the redevelopment of the University’s Canolfan Brailsford Sports centre and the introduction of the innovative Pontio Centre, you’ll never be bored in Bangor. If you’re a student who loves to be sporty, then you can check out the local coastline for wild and adventurous water sports activities.

If you have a taste for the finer things in life and enjoy taking time off to watch local theatre productions, the city centre has it all set up for you. By encouraging you to indulge in all the campus and its surroundings have to offer, you’ll build your knowledge and social life in Bangor.

“The best thing about living in Bangor is that there is always something to do! Whether it’s an event at Bar Uno or a little shopping trip with your friends on the high street– you’ll never run out of things to take part in,” says BU student, Emily Gaunt.

Establish yourself as an Engineer

Electronic Engineering courses. at Bangor grant learners an array of study routes to suit their academic needs. If you’re searching for a course that intertwines the complexities of technology but sticks to the basic principles of traditional engineering, the three-year Computer Systems Engineering (BEng Hons) degree would be ideal for you.

Alternatively, if you’d like to choose a course that’s more specialised and allied to the power industry, the Control and Instrumentation Engineering (MEng) course or the Critical Safety Engineering (MEng) programme would be perfect for you.

Many of the Electronic Engineering courses at Bangor are accredited by the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), which means that Bangor University is delivering affordable and high-quality education to all aspiring learners.

That’s why learners like Megan Wyn Owen thrived at Bangor, studying relevant topics such as electronic engineering (BEng, MEng and BSc) and beyond. As she explains, “The balance between the lectures and lab sessions has ensured that I understand the work. I also like the fact that there are small class sizes so it’s easy for us to discuss our work in lectures.”

Customise your career with PG courses

To progress further in electronic engineering, there’s the MSc Electronic Engineering postgraduate pathway that introduces you to a multitude of emerging technologies such as polymer electronics, optoelectronics, bioelectronics and micromachining. By acquiring this qualification, you’ll feel empowered to contribute to the future development of electronic products and services.

In addition to the MSc Broadband and Optical Communications and the MSc Nanotechnology and Microfabrication courses, you have the freedom to specialise in a certain electronic engineering study area. Through the MRes Programme, you can focus on additional subjects such as optoelectronics, organic electronics, VLSI design and microwave devices with a personal project that will enable you to really delve deep into your area of interest.

BU also promotes PhD and MPhil programmes such as the PhD in Electrical Materials Science and the MPhil in Optical Communications. As Syed Aslam highlights, “Being a PhD student is a totally different experience. The best thing is the self-study sessions, which makes me feel free!”

Experiment with strategies and solutions

As the REF2014 overall results indicate, Bangor University is an internationally recognised hub for research and innovation.

By regularly awarding students for their outstanding research and enterprise activities, Bangor understands the importance of improving the economic and social wellbeing of Wales. Through various research collaborations, learners have the power to experiment with strategies and solutions that have the potential to change the world.

Just as the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor John G. Hughes explains, “Impact is at the heart of our mission and is firmly embedded in our research strategy. At Bangor University we are combining knowledge creation of international excellence with innovation and communication to ensure all areas of our research benefit others.”

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