Ballou fired principal
Ballou High School Band dancers in the 2014 National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade in Washington DC. Source: Vsevolod33/Shutterstock.

Every Ballou High School senior graduated and was accepted into college this year. It seemed too good to be true… and that is because it was. It was later revealed most pupils had missed a significant amount of school without any reason – yet they were still awarded diplomas.

Now the Washington Post has reported Yetunde Reeves, the school’s principal, was this week let go from her position at the school.

The decision was made by Antwan Wilson, the school district chancellor, following a vote of no confidence in Reeves.

The school allowed seniors who did not meet graduation requirements to pass regardless. Allegedly, administrators put pressure on teachers to pass the students.

“We take this issue very seriously, and we know that policies must be explained clearly and implemented with fidelity,” said Wilson in a news release. “This investigation will restore integrity to the process by providing students, parents and the broader community with answers.”

The release also states Reeves was reassigned to “another function in the district”.

And students are not happy. Many Ballou pupils are outraged at Reeves’ departure from school, claiming she “did a lot” for them.

Willie Jackson, Ballou alumnus and principal of Phelps Architecture, Construction and Engineering High School, will fill in for Reeves in the meantime. He is expected to return to Phelps once a permanent principal is chosen for Ballou.

School district authorities claimed the investigation into Reeves is expected to be complete within 45 days. The scandal has caused authorities to look into other schools across the district to ensure this kind of misconduct does not occur again.

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