Balancing Talent: Schools that connect artistic creativity to academic education
Source: Wasatch Academy

“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvellous.”Bill Moyers

As the Times Educational Supplement (TES) states, “It should go without saying that art and design, dance, drama, music and other creative subjects should be an important part of every child’s school curriculum.”

Schools that connect artistic creativity to academic education are, evidently, on the right track. By unleashing a child’s innovative spirit, these schools don’t only serve their students a multidisciplinary education, but also grant them the unrelenting freedom to express.

But why is self-expression so important in today’s education sector?

The answer lies in the foundation of the ‘growth mindset’. Rather than constricting a child’s learning pattern to outdated styles and patterns of thought, otherwise known as a ‘fixed mindset’, a growth mindset gives learners the power to further explore their abilities.

Source: Idyllwild Arts Academy

Personal development is key to successfully instilling a growth mindset in students. They must be encouraged to be as creative and expressive as they like throughout artistic activities and academic projects.

Despite the arts acting as a portal to future happiness and a flourishing career, there has been a lot of backlash in response to this assumption over the years.

As TES adds, “Some people are still quick to dismiss arts education as being irrelevant to the world of work, but they are out of step with the evidence and with the opinions of business leaders. Silicon Valley would be nothing without creativity, and its leading lights know it and say it.”

Regardless of negative opinions, it’s true; without creativity, where would we find our marvellous ideas? Wouldn’t the world be so mundane without creativity’s presence?

Source: Wasatch Academy

According to entrepreneur and Google Director of Engineering, Dr. Damon Horowitz, many businesses would be lost without it. During one of his recent talks, he outlined that it’s just as important to hire arts and humanities graduates as those with business and technology degrees.

Why? Because through creative education, ingenious ideas are brought into the world. And so the creative arts and the world of academics must walk hand in hand.

Here are 3 leading schools that connect artistic creativity to academic education…


Inspiring today’s young learners with an integrated creative curriculum, Idyllwild Arts Academy is the ideal place for students with a passion for Music, Theatre, Dance, Visual Arts, Creative Writing, Film & Digital Media, InterArts, Fashion Design and more.

The Academy is based in the sunny state of California, meaning students learn in one of the most creative hubs in history. Blessed by stunning natural beauty and located just two hours from Los Angeles, a world capital of both artistic collaborative achievement and business entrepreneurship, Idyllwild offers a fulfilling lifestyle for any artistic individual.

Source: Idyllwild Arts Academy

Committed to changing lives through transformative art, Idyllwild Arts Academy introduces creative young people from around the world to a wholesome student life and pre-professional training in the arts. By providing a safe residential space for students to thrive and the freedom to focus on maths, science, humanities, modern languages and the arts, Idyllwild encourages learners to design their own future.

Another advantage of joining the idyllic Idyllwild community is its summer programme. Here, artists of all ages are invited to join dynamic workshops in painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, jewellery, dance, music, theatre and Native American arts. Complete with an Adults Art Center, Family Week and Teens & Kids creative schemes, summer vacations are always exciting at Idyllwild Arts.

As Pamela Jordan, President of the Academy, explains: “Idyllwild Arts is home to children exploring art, curious pre-teens who are makers of art and music, teenagers bursting forth as emerging artists, professional artists who come to share and hone their talent and develop new skills, as well as the novice who learns more in one week, one class or one year than he or she ever thought possible.”


As picturesque as it sounds, Walnut Hill is a haven for all aspiring artists and creative curators.

Source: Walnut Hill School of the Arts

Known to be a world-leading arts school in America, offering unparalleled training in dance, visual arts, writing and more, here, creative education is complemented by a robust and innovative academic curriculum.

Walnut Hill’s dedication to providing a balanced education for boarding and day students is what sets the school apart from local competition. By sewing creative activities into its syllabus, every learner gets the chance to explore their growth mindset and expand their skills.

As Head of the School, Antonio Viva, states,“It is a time of exciting change on the Walnut Hill campus, as we reinvigorate our artistic and academic programs; witness the evolution of our new Writing, Film & Media Arts major; and open our first ever dedicated arts building, The Delbridge Family Center for the Arts. Amidst these shifts we have remained steadfast to our mission of training and educating the world’s most talented young artists.”

This year, Walnut Hill celebrates its 125th anniversary. With artistic festivities happening all year round, staff and students have the chance to showcase some of their artistic creations through a small works visual art show, a guest artist series and an oral history project. So, if you’re in the neighbourhood, the school invites you to take a wander around its campus and creative displays!


At the very core of Wasatch Academy’s curriculum is project-based learning. Instead of keeping learners shut away in the classroom, this school lets them explore their talents through collaborative activities and extra-curricular tasks in and beyond Utah.

Source: Wasatch Academy

As Wasatch learner, Charli Dill explains in her ‘Student Spotlight’ video, “From the time I wake up in the morning, my day is filled with a tremendous amount of individual attention. When searching for schools, I wanted something different, so I chose Wasatch. They treat us as individuals here and understand that we all have unique ambitions, that’s why I love it!”

With a global campus and a global perspective, Wasatch Academy welcomes students of all backgrounds into this inclusive learning community. Currently, the school hosts learners from over 40 countries, inspiring new applicants to adopt valuable cross-cultural communication skills and gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be culturally diverse.

On the creative side of Wasatch, experiential learning activities allow learners to get involved with outdoor lessons and international trips. By opening the door to the outside world, students feel confident and prepared when they leave the academy and the pursue their aspirations.

To support students’ creative ventures, Wasatch also hosts a variety of content-rich arts programmes. From curating ceramics to dancing in the theatre, you’ll never be bored or uninspired at this artistic academy!

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