Master of Health Management
Source: University of New England

Competent and professionally qualified health service managers are essential to lead and manage dynamic, contemporary health services. As the global population ages, healthcare grows more complex and expenditures fluctuate, it becomes increasingly crucial for health service managers to be well-prepared for the challenges of their roles. They will manage the health systems, services and professionals in our contemporary and complex healthcare system, ensuring a holistic approach to patient care.

The University of New England (UNE) is a global leader in the field of health service management and leadership. UNE Sydney, located in Parramatta NSW, offers a distinguished postgraduate programme that produces outstanding future leaders in the field.

Master of Health Management

Source: University of New England

UNE’s Master of Health Management (International) (MHMI) enables international students who are graduates from a wide range of courses, as well as experienced health professionals, achieve management and leadership roles in a wide range of public, private and non-government organisations. Graduates of the MHMI will be equipped with the core knowledge and skills to thrive and make a positive contribution to health service management in hospitals and community settings, the aged care sector, government departments, private practice or small businesses.

Graduates of the MHMI:

  • Are highly competent in management, leadership, ethical and evidence-based decision making;
  • Are able to respond to an increasingly regulated and credentialed healthcare environment;
  • Engage in reflective practice and bring personal integrity to their work.

In the digital age, the top three skills workers will need according to the World Economic Forum will be complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. The MHMI is designed so that students apply all three skills to a range of problems encountered in managing and leading in healthcare.

Master of Health Management

Source: University of New England

Innovative teaching

Distinctive pedagogy is the key to the success that UNE School of Health has achieved in providing an education to advance graduates’ position in the industry.

A particular feature of the MHMI for international students is the optional opportunity to undertake a work-related project in their home country. Students are encouraged to negotiate the project with an in-country sponsor before commencing. This project serves as the perfect chance for students to hone their independent and collaborative enquiry while putting their well-developed soft skills to use.

Career opportunities abound for UNE’s MHMI graduates. They will enter a global industry in need of senior and middle managers within the public and private healthcare sectors, in areas such as hospital administration, information management, service planning and workforce management, applying principles of sound governance and leadership in any role they assume.

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