Australian student housing
Many Australian student housing options for incoming international students cater to varied budgets and lifestyles. Source: Ludovic Marin/AFP

Numerous reports have suggested that the cost of Australian student housing could rise as international students return to the country, with residential markets in major cities already bouncing back. 

Industry experts say this trend is expected to continue into 2022 and will be exacerbated by increasing demand from students and non-students for rental accommodation once the international border opens.

In the Gold Coast, there are calls for more purpose-built, student accommodation to help cope with the looming influx of international students expected to arrive in the city. 

ABC News reported that the Gold Coast’s rental property market has been under pressure due to interstate migration, with many long-term residents forced into alternative accommodation, including caravan parks and temporary shelters. 

Study Gold Coast chief executive Alfred Slogrove told the portal that he expected the crisis would worsen when international students arrived to take up university places.

“We are anticipating an influx from April right through until early next year,” he was quoted saying. “We know that students are struggling to find accommodation close to their university.”

Slogrove said the city needed rent options that are less than 200 Australian dollars per week. Study Gold Coast is reportedly planning to speak with all levels of government to find a solution to the issue.

 Australian student housing

Some students are willing to pay more for the added convenience of being close to public transport, supermarkets and eateries. Source: Miguel Medina/AFP

Australian student housing for international students

Despite reports about possible housing shortages for students, there are several Australian student housing options for incoming international students. Which one you choose would depend on your budget and lifestyle. Some are handy for short-term stays until you find an option that caters to your needs. Here’s a summary of options:

On-campus housing 

Some Australian institutions do provide on-campus housing for international students as it’s convenient. Monash College, for instance, offers students the chance to live on-campus at Clayton and costs from A$230 per week.

The University of Queensland has several residential colleges, with the cost of the full board starting from A$280 per week up to nearly A$700 per week.


There are many homestay options for international students in Australia. In homestays, students share a residence with a family, either for the full duration of their studies or part of it. Depending on the agreement, meals and cleaning services could be provided. 

Homestays can be appealing for those who would like to have the comforts of home and to spend time with a host family. Students can explore platforms such as the Australian Homestay Network and Study Vision. Prices of homestays vary. Study Perth notes that it can cost between A$235 to A$325 per week.

Managed student accommodation

Managed student accommodations are usually located near universities or colleges. They usually come furnished and may have amenities such as a gym, game area and laundry room.

Prices vary depending on the location and room chosen. A studio apartment in Sydney by Scape, for instance, could cost from A$599 per week.

Private rentals 

If you want more flexibility in terms of where you live, private rentals can be a good Australian student housing option. This could be a small studio apartment or even a large house. With private rentals, you can rent a property by yourself or with friends to split the cost. Private rentals may or may not include furniture. 


Hostels can be useful for international students who are looking for short-term Australian student accommodation. Prices will vary but they may cost less than A$200 per week, depending on what the package includes.