Int’l students in Australia — this is the best A$275 you’ll ever spend

Pathway to Australian permanent residency
For international students, increasing their chances of obtaining an Australian permanent residency could start with a one-to-one consultation with a migration specialist, which offers consultation and webinars for a one-time fee of AU$275. Source: Patrick Hamilton/AFP

For decades, Australia has attracted the likes of visitors from every corner of the world, including international students and migrants. Many of them fall in love with the country, eventually looking for opportunities to help them secure an Australian permanent residency visa, and it’s no surprise why.

The Land of Down Under offers a plethora of rewarding opportunities for foreigners to establish a prosperous life. The country also offers excellent weather (many cities enjoy lots of sunshine hours), an impressive range of biodiversity that can’t be found in other parts of the world and a melting pot of cultures, making Australia a wonderful destination for migrants.

If you’re an international student or a skilled professional who is invested in settling in Australia permanently, you might want to consider a migration specialist who offers a one-to-one permanent residency (PR) strategy session to help you achieve your aspirations of earning an Australian permanent residency visa.

The best part is, it will only cost you a one-time fee of 275 Australian dollars. Here’s how it works:

Australian permanent residency

Stunning coastal beaches, lots of sunshine hours, access to top universities, world-class healthcare facilities and high paying jobs. It’s no wonder why so many migrants dream of settling in Australia. Source: Patrick Hamilton/AFP

One-to-one PR strategy session: How it works

Enlisting the help of migration specialists such as Skylark can guide you in taking the right course of action so that you will be well on your way to securing an Australian permanent residency without hassle. They assist you with matters such as:

  • Securing more points, increasing your chances of obtaining the PR visa
  • Knowing which state/territory you should relocate to maximise your chances
  • The right course you should specialise in to meet the highly skilled requirements favoured by employers and specific industries in Australia
  • Learn how to transition from being a graduate without experience to getting the coveted Australian PR

Before you sign up for the PR strategy session, you can access a free webinar session with the following benefits:

✅ Detailed information about skilled migration and the three factors to getting an Australian PR

✅ Detailed information about eligibility requirements

✅ Answers to your questions

✅ An in-depth analysis of which Australian states can maximise your chances of securing an Australian PR

✅ Virtual options that allow communication from anywhere in the world

✅ Reassurance that your time and effort in learning the tips and strategies of applying for an Australian permanent residency visa won’t go to waste

After the free webinar, you’ll receive personalised guidance from the migration specialist at Skylark. Some of the benefits that you could enjoy include:

✅ A 30-minute in-depth one-to-one consultation

✅ Answers to your vexed questions

✅ A skilled migration/PR planning expert will help you strategically plan your migration from your current situation to an Australian permanent residency visa

✅ Tailored step-by-step recommendations

Skylark notes that initial sessions are fully redeemable with future professional service fees priced at A$2,000 or more.

Benefits of an Australian permanent residency

Earning an Australian permanent residency could open you up to a world of opportunities. The Department of Home Affairs notes that it would help you obtain the following benefits:

✅ Legal rights to live in Australia indefinitely

✅ Work and study in Australia

✅ Access to a world-class healthcare system, Medicare which is Australia’s national health scheme

✅ Apply for bank loans to buy property

✅ Sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence

✅ Travel to and from Australia as long as your travel facility permits, of which the guidelines can be accessed through here

✅ Attend free English-language courses

DYK: Earning an Australian PR entitles you to work in New Zealand legally.

Australia wants more skilled migrants

The Australian government has put forward many initiatives in place to attract international students and skilled migrants with temporary skilled work visas.

In August 2021, Liberal MP Julian Leeser announced plans to attract the best and brightest migrants into Australia to help drive job creation among Australians and to address the skill shortage crisis the country was facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, SBS Hindi recently reported that it has been more difficult for foreigners to secure permanent residency due to more restricted pathways required to undergo many occupations in Australia.