You're more likely to get a job as this Japanese uni graduate than of Oxford
University of Tokyo is most employable in Asia. Source: Shutterstock

The chances of you beating competitors from other top universities like Yale, Princeton and the Imperial College of London are also higher, according to the recently released global employability rankings by HR consultancy Emerging.

Graduates from the University of Tokyo are the 9th most employable globally, the rankings found, the only Asian university to make it into the top 10. The other Asian institutions to make it into the top 20 are: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) (12th),  Peking University, China (14th) and the National University of Singapore (16th).

While US universities dominate the rankings and claimed the top 3 spots – the California Institute of Technology, Harvard University and Columbia University – Asian universities are on the rise, according to University World News.

The education site noted the “significant strides” by universities in affluent East Asian countries such as mainland China, Taiwan and South Korea – a contrast with the UK universities – all of which performed worse this year round in the rankings.

Times Higher Education data editor Simon Baker said the study showed that Asian universities are becoming more reputable, with several institutions enjoying a higher ranking than last year and these universities featuring higher in the minds of global graduate recruiters.

“Beyond the top 10, which has a familiar ring to it in terms of the universities represented, there is a really diverse mix of countries and types of institutions,” Baker said.

HKUST’s president, Tony Chan, told the South China Morning Post: “I am very proud of our graduates, who continue to be ranked among the most competitive and desirable employees in the global job market.”

Recruiters ranked 150 universities from 33 different countries to come up with the rankings, published exclusively by Times Higher EducationThey looked at hiring criteria for graduates, such as how motivated and flexible they are, as well as at their communication and multicultural sensitivity skills.

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