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Arkansas Tech University: An innovative education for aspiring engineers

The COVID-19 pandemic forced universities to rework their offerings for a new era of education. Nestled across the Arkansas River Valley, Arkansas Tech University has adapted by ensuring its most technical qualifications can be earned 100% online. Its students are relieved from the financial pressures of travelling and living in a new country.

Those seeking an online master’s qualification in engineering and information technology (IT) will be delighted to hear that Arkansas Tech University is catering to this demand. This “College of Distinction” offers a Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT), a Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, and a Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering that are fully online.

Classes are delivered in an asynchronous format. This means students can learn on their own schedule, with the flexibility to balance study, work and life as they wish. 

All they need is high-speed internet to take part in live classes virtually, thanks to the “Hyflex” format, which came to be as more classes were filled with enough cameras and microphones to facilitate a high-quality live stream. 

A master’s education in the comfort of your own home

The MSIT is suitable for learners without a background in IT, yet eager to achieve a successful career in the field. The programme explores the hardware and software mechanisms used to implement modern information systems. The robust curriculum includes lessons in local-area networks, databases, operating systems, the Internet, the web, and IT management. 

As part of the MSIT curriculum, students pick one of the speciality programmes to enhance their knowledge in a particular area. The Computer-Based Instructional Technology (CBIT) speciality programme is suitable for students who intend to complete their MSIT through coursework related to the application of computing technology to instruction. Students looking to pursue a career in technical support for information systems should consider the IT speciality programme, which is an integrated study of networking, databases, and the web. 

Arkansas Tech University

A research-focused education is an Arkansas Tech University hallmark. Source: Arkansas Tech University

With a Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, students deepen their understanding of energy systems and advanced materials. They learn the fundamentals of writing research reports and planning projects effectively. The programme includes required courses in math, management and communications in addition to the engineering courses. 

An interdisciplinary approach also provides for a holistic learning experience. The Mechanical Engineering programme is delivered in close cooperation with Arkansas Tech University’s Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering, resulting in opportunities for students to customise their degree plan with courses from both curricula. 

The Electrical Engineering programme is just as dynamic. It helps students build a solid foundation in both the theories and applications of the field with focus areas in machine learning and computer vision. In the process, students transform into forward-thinking and innovative professionals. 

Soon, Arkansas Tech University will modify these engineering programmes to provide students with an option to secure up to six credit hours of research project credit. A research-focused education will provide students with the best growth and professional development opportunities.

Experiential learning experience

How else does Arkansas Tech University keep students engaged in their virtual worlds? Hands-on learning experience. Those enrolled in the MSIT programme build modern computers in a lab environment, create a network patch cable, and administer network servers. Engineering students have the chance to participate in research projects with their professors or work on projects associated with local industries. 

Such preparation have empowered MSIT graduates to take on careers at top companies like Walmart corporate offices, Acxiom, ArcBest and J.B. Hunt. Engineering graduates are marking their marks at the likes of Eni Petroleum, Nike, Sanmina-Sci Corporation, Shalfa Group, Intel, Texas Instruments and Whirlpool.

Arkansas Tech University

Many engineering students at Arkansas Tech University become adaptable and innovative professionals that thrive within the industry. Source: Arkansas Tech University

The best part? Affordability. Arkansas Tech University tuition fees are fiercely competitive. After all, the university is ranked #1 for “Best Bang For Your Buck in Arkansas” and #33 in the South

Age and experience are also no barriers to acquiring your advanced qualification. Supplementary courses, such as math and programming, are provided to learners without a background in IT. Similarly, students from other engineering undergraduate disciplines will have the opportunity to take remedial courses, ensuring they begin their master’s education on the right foot.

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