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Source: Erasmus University Rotterdam

Located where science meets city, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) in The Netherlands has been home to career-driven, entrepreneurial students since 1913.

Internationally-known as the fifth-best Dutch university in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019 and situated in The Netherlands’ happiest city of Rotterdam, EUR combines educational excellence with a unique travel experience- as you’ll witness in this insightful virtual tour.

The unrivalled study location of Rotterdam

With so many international students roaming the streets of Rotterdam, you may be wondering what it is that’s so appealing about this study destination in The Netherlands; one of the safest countries in the world according to the Global Peace Index and one of the happiest according to the World Economic Forum.

Here, English is an unofficial second language, so you won’t have to worry about language barriers during your study adventure. Everyone you meet will be more than happy to speak English with you and assist you with any queries.

The university also offers a dedicated support system for international students who aren’t confident about their language skills, plus a Security of the University Support Centre (USC) to address any of their safety concerns.

Source: Erasmus University Rotterdam

Another incredible advantage to the EUR experience is that after graduation, you’ll be eligible for a 1-year work permit in The Netherlands. Otherwise known as the Orientation Year, non-EU/EEA students may work freely or do an internship/traineeship in The Netherlands and your employer won’t have to need a work permit to hire you.

Instead of rushing off and leaving your new home in Rotterdam, the university ensures you’re ready to take on real-world challenges beyond campus and that you’re prepared for any professional pathways you choose to pursue after graduation!

Affordable academics and innovative tuition

For undergraduate learners, Erasmus University Rotterdam has plenty of Bachelor Programmes to connect with.

After achieving a globally-recognised qualification such as a Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Bachelor of Arts (BA), successful students may also enrol in honours programmes to further enhance their talents.

As a leading research university, EUR also has an extensive range of content-rich Postgraduate Programmes to join. Designed to strengthen and develop your expertise, you’re free to select your subject from 50+ study options.

With faculties and institutes such as the Rotterdam School of Management, the Erasmus School of Economics, the International Institute of Social Studies, the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, the Erasmus University Medical Centre and the Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management on hand, there’s something here to inspire every student.

Most Master Programmes take one year to complete. But there are some part-time opportunities available, such as a research master for those wishing to continue with a PhD and two-year executive programmes for working professionals.

You’ll also be amazed by the incredible value for money offered by the Dutch higher education system. Programmes for the 2019–2020 academic year will cost roughly €2,000 for the European Union (EU)/ European Economic Area (EEA) students.

And for students from other parts of the world, tuition depends on your study preference and ranges from €4,100 to €26,300.

Source: Erasmus University Rotterdam

So, with extremely affordable tuition fees like these, forward-thinking faculties and English-taught courses, what’s not to enjoy about EUR?

Top university for graduate employment

PhD candidate, Katharina Hölscher, admires the proactive approach to learning at Erasmus University Rotterdam. As she explains, “I like the idea that my research can contribute to a more sustainable and resilient society.”

As one of the many students at EUR who’s hoping to create sustainable solutions for crucial global issues, it’s clear to see that research efforts at this university don’t go unnoticed.

Due to its remarkable reputation with employers, Erasmus University Rotterdam is the third-best university in The Netherlands for graduate employability according to the QS Global Employability Rankings 2019.

With a hands-on career services office to help students with placements and student-led study associations, on top of assisting with professional development, it’s no surprise that learners leave EUR with a strong work ethic and optimal leadership qualities.

There’s always the option to elevate your skillset at Erasmus before entering the competitive working world. Once you graduate from your Master’s degree, you can join the 300+ academics who have chosen the complete their PhD at this world’class university.

All faculties have a Doctoral Programme – usually a four-year track – in which you get to perform research on a subject under the supervision of a professor.

So, if you’re searching for an international hub with a famously multicultural population and a multitude of influential companies, Rotterdam is the place to be.

As a research-intensive university, their main priority is to make a positive impact on society. So if you want to put science to work and address the complexities of today’s everchanging landscape, at EUR, you can make it happen.

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