apps to study
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Using apps to study better is a modern hack we could all master. We’re already on our phones and laptops for hours every day, making optimisation a tap or two away. Think of every challenge you’ve faced as a student — what if we told you there’s an app to help you solve it?

Start using apps to study better

Some apps help us become more productive. Others provide the tools and infrastructure to not only ease the study experience, but also make it more enjoyable. You can use these apps to study, plan, calculate, and collaborate, ultimately becoming a better learner who not just absorbs, but applies their learning to projects, exams, and everyday life. Check out these five apps to study — each has something unique to offer students of all ages.

apps to study

We’re already on our phones and laptops for hours every day, so why not use our devices to optimise studying? Source: STR/AFP/China OUT


An all-in-one organiser, this is one of the top apps to study with focus and direction. Log your class schedules, assignment progress, and daily tasks to keep track of what you need to do, and when you need to do it. The app will sync across your devices, so you’ll always be reminded of incomplete tasks and upcoming classes — even when offline.

MyScript Calculator

MyScript has mastered the technology of applying handwriting to digital interfaces. Now you can treat your phone or tablet like a magical workbook; simply write your calculations and get the results automatically. All your calculations are saved, so you can even work on longer problems and export the calculation as an image once you’re done.


Visualisation and teamwork go a long way in helping students remember and apply their learning. XMind helps you tap into the power of these with its mind-mapping and brainstorming software. It allows you to build trees, maps, and pitches quickly and easily — both individually and collaboratively.

However, do note that these functions only come with a subscription — students pay US$22.49 every six months or US$34.99 yearly. It’s worth it, considering your entire team can use it to take revisions up a notch.


We retain information better when lessons are memorable and interactive. Of all the apps to study, this one allows you to tap into expert solutions in 64 subjects, a host of study tools (flashcards, anyone?) and more. The end goal? To empower learners to apply themselves. Quizlet says 90% of students who use its service report higher grades, which sounds like a great reason to give it a go.

Exam Countdown Lite

Exam anxiety is real, even when you’re sitting the papers remotely. This nifty app acts as your exam assistant. All you have to do is log your tests and exams and categorise them by icons and colour.

You will then be able to count down to each paper using your personalised exam schedule. Users testify that it has helped them better organise revision and study for exams, thus preparing them to face exams confidently.