24/7 counsellors app
The app hopes to give all students the access to help they need. Source: Shutterstock.

There are hundreds of things that can get on top of you at university – especially so for international students – and keeping students’ spirits high is of great importance to the majority of universities.

That is why Michigan State University (MSU) is ensuring every student on campus has access to help when they need it.

Last fall, the My SSP app was launched for international students and proved a huge success, the MSU Today reported. Now, the university wants to expand the app’s usage to allow access to the entire student body.

The app was originally just tailored to international students as accessing counselling in a language other than your mother-tongue can make things even more tricky. The app connects students with counsellors in their native languages if they request it.

It was created through Morneau Shepell, a Canadian human resources consulting and technology company offering health and wellness support to students enrolled in Canadian and US universities.

Pick up the phone, ask for help. Source: GIPHY.

The new version of the app is set to launch on June 1, immediately granting all MSU students with 24/7 access to counsellors with whom they can speak to on the phone or instant message at the touch of a button (or tap of a screen).

The June 1 rollout will see the inclusion of numerous new features such as helpful articles about coping in a new environment while living away from home, as well as videos about friendship and relationships to help students navigate the sometimes-tricky aspects of student life outside of the lecture hall.

Students can access help for any emotional hardship they are going through, from everyday stress to more severe mental illnesses. The app helps students and counsellors understand what is going on and tailor personalised support and guidance to help the student navigate university life.

The app can be used whenever it is needed and can work alongside other on-campus mental health programmes through MSU’s Counseling and Psychiatric Services if needed.

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