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It’s uncommon to hear of middle-schoolers dashing from Math class to make it to rehearsals for Gogol’s The Government Inspector; Grade 3 students flexing their business skills by hosting their very own farmer’s market; busy learners finding their zen through “goat yoga” at a farm just a stone’s throw away from school; or older students spending their free time packing, loading and delivering over 1,000 food items to those in need. However, this is what a regular weekday looks like at Annie Wright Schools

Founded in 1884, Washington’s #1 private K-12 school has a long, distinguished history of offering such opportunities — each of which is set in place to further drive academic excellence, encourage character development and nurture a sense of global citizenship. The school knows nothing does the trick like a strong community, so it gives international and domestic students a chance to live and learn in harmony.

Annie Wright Schools

The boarding experience at Annie Wright Schools ensures every learner feels at home the second they arrive. Each dorm room is thoughtfully designed to be unique, providing a comfortable and personalised space for students to rest and recharge. With shared kitchen facilities, media lounges, and study spaces conveniently located within each living space, they can easily access essential amenities as and when they need to. 

Eight experienced residential faculty members provide keen supervision. However, these dedicated individuals happily go beyond their titles to offer expert tutoring in various subjects, organise cultural and recreational trips, and provide essential mentorship. Their all-encompassing roles and unwavering commitment to both fun and security further guarantee students feel supported and uplifted throughout their stay at the private school voted as Washington’s most beautiful by Architectural Digest.

Residential staff take charge of arranging transportation, too, especially since boarding at Annie Wright Schools means going on a range of exciting, off-campus weekend activities such as ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, camping, hiking, rock climbing, museum and city tours, theatre shows, sporting events, and shopping trips.

Students are welcome to take charge. The boarding programme encourages student leadership through the appointment of boarding prefects. Chosen in their senior year, these prefects work closely with residential staff to foster a vibrant and nurturing dorm community. Each leads a specific dorm group, organising regular check-ins, planning community-building activities, and strategising engaging “All-Dorm Fun” programmes — which, in the past, have included a Halloween murder mystery, a spring carnival, roller-skating, an evening at a water park and a trip to the Washington State Fair. 

Annie Wright Schools

For a healthy dose of fresh air, the proximity of Annie Wright Schools to national parks and the majestic Mt. Rainier invites learners to explore and appreciate the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. The campus is just a short walk away from shops and restaurants, too. However, it’s easy to understand why plenty are alright with staying put on campus. Benefiting from their school’s breathtaking location in Tacoma, Washington, students enjoy the Puget Sound. a large salt water estuary, as a serene and inspiring backdrop for daily life. 

Of course, those who live just outside the practical, daily commuting range can opt for the five-day boarding programme instead. These learners are welcome to go home on Friday evenings and return to campus on Sunday evenings. Regardless, they are still treated as members of Annie Wright’s connected boarding community. The school even welcomes them to remain on campus one weekend and month to enjoy the weekend with their favourite seven-day boarders, participate in once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and make countless memories along the way. 

Annie Wright Schools:

Such access to enrichment makes it all the easier for pupils to immerse themselves in their studies. One proud parent sums it up best, stating: “The children are happy and happy children love to learn.”

Instilling a sense of lifelong learning is especially crucial for learners approaching the end of their high school journey. To ensure a distraction-free environment, the Upper School at Annie Wright is divided into two single-gender schools: the Upper School for Girls and the Upper School for Boys. This allows teachers to focus on the specific needs of each student while creating a more personalised learning environment. Both groups can take on the IB Diploma Programme (DP), a rigorous two-year curriculum recognised by esteemed colleges and universities around the world. 

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