American Graduate School of Business: Graduates who make a valuable contribution to global business

Graduates of the American Graduate School of Business (AGSB) are international innovators and valuable contributors, going out into the business environment with a direct and immediate impact.

Throughout their time at AGSB, students are comprehensively equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to make this possible. The goal of cultivating positive contributors in their graduates is central to the School’s mission and dictates the direction of their curriculum and teaching environment. Everything they do at the AGSB is specifically-designed to prepare students for success in the competitive business world.

Located in beautiful Switzerland, AGSB is set-up with a world-class campus in the most picturesque of destinations. Consideration and attention has gone in to designing a home conducive to business learning.

The environment is laid out as realistically as possible, with classrooms simulating real-world corporate settings, introducing an atmosphere and business-minded etiquette from day one of your course.

By ensuring class sizes remain small, the school manages to maintain this realistic business element while also ensuring students get a personal experience with dedicated hands-on teaching from outstanding teachers and business practitioners.

The expertise and real-life business experiences of the School’s faculty is priceless when it comes to imparting the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge, as Dean of Academics, John Wilkes explains: “The Faculty, who have experience both in academia and in business, industry, and commerce are able to infuse their experience into their teaching thus enabling the students to have a much wider understanding of the subject areas.

“As a dedicated group, the multicultural Faculty provides a higher education that enables the students to be able to work in national or international organisations.”

As the people guiding students through the process have already found success out in the corporate world – and with many of them still there – whatever happens in the global business sector is immediately translated into teachable content.

This fluid and flexible approach to curricula development means that students are aware of business best-practice prior to setting foot in the workplace – and this is where the value comes from.

“We are continuously seeking to develop our diverse business programs and curricula to ensure that we are at the forefront of subject matter delivered to the students in the evolving framework of the latest educational requirements” Wilkes adds.

“Our graduates attain to the highest ethical values which enable them to confront challenges and excel once they have graduated.”

Both the Bachelor of Business Administration and the Master of International Business Administration (MIBA) take advantage of this expertise to ensure students gain the necessary skills and experience to successfully contribute to any business organisation.

With triple-accreditation from the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC), European Council for Business Education (ECBE), and the International Accreditation Council Business Education (IACBE); AGSB gets you a qualification that makes people sit up and look. Above all else, this is a  degree that the professionals respect.

The engaging and practical course structure means that students don’t have to wait until graduation to engage with these professionals. There is a myriad of opportunities throughout the Business Administration courses that provide students the chance to interact and get an insider view from leaders in the field.

Every MIBA student gets to do a six-month internship that involves full-time employment with a relevant company to complement their studies.

All courses also include corporate visits, which are organised by the School throughout the year. This gives students a real chance to understand the inner workings of an industry and get a detailed look at the nitty-gritty of different positions and career paths to determine what’s right for them.

Taking this applied, real-world approach to business to the next level are the international exchange programs and study abroad options.

The School maintains strategic collaborations with commercial, academic and community-based partners around the globe. The result of these ties is dual-degrees with other international institutions, international internships, and global knowledge transfer to appreciate worldwide business practice.

All of these are obviously golden prospects for students to grow their networks, not just within the country, but on a global scale, so when it comes to applying for that first post-graduation role, you’ve already got one foot firmly in the door. You also have so much to learn by hearing it from the people who matter.

And it’s not just the working professionals that add value to your ever-expanding network; your peers on the course are also a wealth of knowledge and opportunity; they are, after all, the future leaders of the corporate world and come from the far-flung reaches of the globe with over 40 different nationalities making up the AGSB student body. All of these come together on the stunning shores of Lake Geneva to develop into the next generation of business heavyweights.

“We are proud of the unique learning environment we have nurtured here at AGSB,” says Founder and President, Helmut Pusterer.

“The School’s special atmosphere is generated from a blend of dedicated and caring faculty, a small but select international student body and a sound academic program designed to prepare students to lead the world of business and meet the challenges of the future.” 

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