The University of Suffolk's English Department welcomes Amanda Hodgkinson. Source:
The University of Suffolk's English Department welcomes Amanda Hodgkinson. Source:

This is proving a great year for the English department at the University of Suffolk (UoS). Not only did they receive 100 percent student satisfaction in the National Student Survey but now international best-selling novelist Amanda Hodgkinson is joining their team.

Hodgkinson’s novels, 22 Britannia Road (2011) and Spilt Milk (2014) have been translated into 16 different languages and devoured by book worms across the globe.

Hodgkinson is set to begin teaching on the narrative, the short story, modernism, autobiography and dissertation modules.

Speaking to The Ipswitch StarHodgkinson said: “I am thrilled to be here at Suffolk and to have been given the chance to share my passion for creative writing with students.

“East Anglia has such a rich literary landscape already and I will be working to add to this, forging a strong and successful creative writing community at the university.”

After a 15-year stint living in France, Hodgkinson returned to the UK last year.

A New York Times bestselling author, she has received an abundance of awards for her writing.

“We are delighted to welcome Amanda to our English department,” said the head of Arts and Humanities, Dr Lisa Wade.

“As a novelist, poet, journalist and creative writer, Amanda has longstanding links with the department on a visiting fellowship basis.”

Students within the English department at UoS often submit work to creative writing competitions and attend writing events. The department hopes Hodgkinson will inspire students to explore their creativity even more.

“Amanda brings with her an internationally recognised portfolio of work and a wealth of professional experience to develop and enhance our teaching programmes,” said Wade.

“Students at Suffolk will benefit especially from Amanda’s creative writing talents and will have the opportunity to work in small and discreet tutorial sessions with her.

“The whole team are thrilled to have her in a more permanent role with us.”

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