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Aerial view of Bristol, one of the most affordable and vibrant student cities in the UK. Source: Shutterstock

Despite Brexit looming, international students are still keen to study in the UK thanks to its quality academia and vibrant student cities.

The recent announcement that the UK is bringing back two-year post-study work visas for international students is also a major attraction for those looking to settle down in the country post-graduation.

For those who aren’t quite sure, the United Kingdom consists of four countries: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Island.

Cities like London and Manchester are becoming increasingly expensive for students, which is why many are looking towards smaller, cheaper cities that still offer a wonderful student experience.

The NatWest Student Living Index 2019 recently revealed that the top four most affordable cities for students in the UK, which are Cardiff (Wales), Bristol (England), Leicester (England) and Southampton (England).

These cities are also home to some of the best universities in the UK. Keen to study in one of these great cities but not sure which one?

Take this quiz to find out which of the four cities would suit you best.

What are you planning to major in?


Which of the following do you enjoy most in your free time?


Do you enjoy sailing and watersports?


Do you like shopping?


Are you a big music fan?


Would you prefer living by the sea?

Would you prefer living in England or Wales?

Quiz: Which affordable UK city should you study in?

Cardiff is a beautiful and historic city in Wales, full of culture and heritage. Those who enjoy checking out cultural attractions would find studying in Cardiff a truly memorable experience. It's also shopping galore in Cardiff, known as one of the best shopping destinations in the UK.  Business, law, and finance students are particular attracted to Cardiff due to the work opportunities available in these areas. There are eight universities in Cardiff, with Cardiff University being the most popular among international students. 

Bristol is a small yet thriving city and a hub for the media industry. Contemporary arts is a major highlight of Bristol, as well as its music scene. As a student here, there's plenty to do - from dining out and partying to enjoying nice walka in the park. The city is particularly known for street art and graffiti, so if you love this sort of thing, you'll find living in Bristol simply delightful! It's also close to the beach which is fun during summer. Bristol has two major universities - the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England.

Leicester is famed for its sports teams. Sports fans will enjoy the active sports scene that comes from living close to so many great teams, such as Leicester City (football) and Leicester Tigers (rugby). It's also a vibrant multicultural city with plenty of nature activities, such as Abbey Park and Bradgate Park. The nightlife and music scene is also great for students. The popular universities here are the University of Leicester and De Montfort University.

Southampton is a coastal city, known for its maritime industry, which is why many engineering and maritime students choose to study here. As part of the Solent, Southampton is also a great place to take part in water and sailing sports. Students can visit the Isle of Wight for Cowes Week, one of the biggest sailing events of the year. The city also has over 50 parks and green spaces where students can enjoy the outdoors and many cultural attractions. The two major universities are the University of Southampton and Southampton Solent University.

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