Advance your Career: Extension and Continuing Education at leading universities
Source: UCI Division of Continuing Education

“The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.” – John F. Kennedy

Education is a fruitful process full of fascinating discoveries and wonderful discussions. Much like a Pandora’s box of wisdom, once you dive in, you’ll want to continue your journey and unravel more extraordinary facts and concepts.

The term itself is associated with the freedom to learn. Regardless of your background, age or current career stage, it’s never too late to sign yourself up for a course and awaken your inner intellect.

At many universities worldwide, continuing education and professional career advancement courses are gaining steady weight. By extending your time with a Master’s course, a PhD or a specific certificate program, you have the chance to set yourself apart from similar candidates and prove to employers that you’re willing to invest in your specialised skills.

For international applicants looking to study overseas, choosing to attend a globally-recognized institution may also work in your favor. Since you’ll have already strayed away from familiarity and placed yourself in a foreign work environment, you will have demonstrated traits like adaptability and courage. These two factors are huge advantages in today’s competitive workplace.

Source: School of Professional Studies, Columbia University

Postgraduate education has proved to be a huge asset in the modern era. But what’s even more important is following your academic ambitions and investing in your happiness.

These days, we are so wrapped up in doing the ‘right thing’ and staying stuck on the career track. But sometimes you must alter your destination to experience increased fulfillment and occupational rewards.

Even though you may now be comfortable in your role, there might soon come a time when you recognise a desire to continue learning or even to swap fields. There’s nothing worse than a stagnant workplace that isn’t committed to enhancing your expertise and neglecting your right to knowledge.

If you’re looking for a door that’s wide open to exciting opportunities or a strategic scheme that will ignite your career prospects, continue your education with a trusted academic institution.

Here are three top universities that unite global citizens through continuing education…


Ranked the 9th Best ‘Golden Age’ University by Times Higher Education (2018) and globally-recognised as a school that serves international students well (US News and World Report 2018), the Division of Continuing Education at the University of California, Irvine has an exceptional commitment to educational excellence.

Situated in the dynamic Southern California business district of Irvine, students who study here find themselves surrounded by a welcoming community, incredible city parks, art centres and spectacular Orange County beaches.

Source: UCI Division of Continuing Education

Yet it’s the school itself that really changes students’ futures. As certificate graduate Atahan Isik said, “The impact UCI Division of Continuing Education (DCE) has had on my life and career is huge. I had a plan, but the university gave me the direction and tools I needed to succeed. There is so much opportunity here.”

If you are looking to progress in a specific discipline, direct your attention towards UCI DCE’s vast array of high-quality offerings.

These experiences include superior English-language courses, accelerated 3-month certificate programs which focus on a particular field of study such as project management, entrepreneurship and data science, academic study abroad programs for university students looking to enhance their undergraduate experience and undergraduate/graduate preparation programs for students seeking to gain admission to a U.S. university.

Another advantage to continuing your studies at UCI is that your education extends beyond the classroom. As an integral member of the campus community, the university’s activities, resources, and services will help you to grow both personally and professionally, which can attract potential employers from across the world. What a genius way to kickstart your career!


Focused on the changing needs of the global market, the School of Professional Studies at Columbia University emphasises career progression.

As listed in the school’s dynamic programme list, there are plenty of personal enrichment opportunities and professional master’s degrees available for students to choose. Acting as ambitious agents of change, each course has been carefully constructed to leave a lasting impact on learners’ career and the world around them.

Source: School of Professional Studies, Columbia University

One student who benefited from the school’s high-quality courses is ASA student, Joe Lee. As he states: “For me to be part of Columbia is great, not only because the school is very prestigious, but also I am given the opportunity to help future students develop the core skills and academic fundamentals required to be an actuary. I think to be given that opportunity and that title is very rewarding.”

What’s great about opting for education and career advancement schemes at this school lies in its involvement with many social impact projects and extra-curricular initiatives that help girls in STEM succeed.

Additionally, the school has direct involvement with the HBCU Fellowship. By connecting talented students to Fortune 500 companies, their employability rises as they gain valuable industry exposure.

Here, internationally-recognised events ensure that learners are up-to-date with the important topics and informative sessions. By hosting workshops that highlight sustainability management issues and non-profit challenges, you’ll broaden your mind and keep it active.


Eager to realise your potential? The School of Continuing Studies at the University of Toronto helps you do that by hosting an abundance of career advancement courses that are relevant to specific professional fields.

Regardless of your current job title, if you want to invest your curiosity in an education that promises return on investment, it may be worth continuing your learning in the prosperous country of Canada.

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As Social Media Manager and Toronto Business & Professional Studies student, Pranya Yamin, explains: “The certificates I’ve earned have complemented my on-the-job development and are enabling me to excel in a field that I’m passionate about.”

With plans to implement quality and growth by building the necessary organizational capacity, to expand access to extraordinary learning experiences and provide students with a user-friendly, supportive teaching environment, this school strives to meet the needs of every learner.

The school’s schemes are mainly suited for “Mid-career professionals considering significant changes in career direction or planning entrepreneurial ventures” and “Internationally educated professionals supplementing their knowledge and skills to gain traction in Canada.”

So, if any of the descriptions above resonate with you, what are you waiting for? Take a closer look at this distinguished School of Continuing Studies here.

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