Maryland's specialized Business Masters elevate graduate prospects

The University of Maryland is a US institution that embodies the American dream. Here, faculty from the Robert H. Smith School of Business encourage students to strengthen their skill sets and enhance their leadership capabilities, producing worldly graduates who take the business realm by storm. Founded in 1856, the university has a history of producing top-tier business leaders and elite academics.

Ranked the nation’s 15th most innovative school in US News & World Report 2018, the University of Maryland has established a strong reputation for itself, nationally and internationally. Due to its high-level expertise and globally-recognized status, it’s one of the only universities to have the freedom and capability to create an outstanding range of specialized business-based Masters degrees.

Progress as a postgraduate

If you’re looking to further your knowledge in business education, pursuing a postgraduate degree at Maryland is the best way to kick-start personal and professional progress. As highlighted by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (2017 Employment Report), workers with a Masters degree have a notedly higher chance of securing a job.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics also outlines in a monthly review that postgraduate students are destined to receive a rewarding return on their academic investment. As the review states, “Over the years, a need for highly educated workers to do professional and technical occupations has emerged. These jobs, such as management, business and law, require flexibility, social skills, and evidently, postgraduate education. As these jobs tend to be the highest paying, workers with graduate degrees appear to have a direct, competitive advantage over other college graduates when it comes to getting well-paid jobs.”

Alongside the US Bureau report, there’s a vast array of statistics in support of postgraduate education. That’s why the Smith School has developed a dynamic range of specialized Masters programs. The school acknowledges the need for further education and understands how a postgraduate certification can elevate your career and enhance your professional portfolio.

So, if you’re looking for a postgraduate degree in the field of business but with a contemporary twist, you should consider the City of College Park as your next destination. You’ll be taught in next-generation learning environments and led by a network of industry-professionals, so your future looks bright at the Robert H. Smith School of Business.

Specialized Master’s degrees 

Designed around the most sought-after business subjects, each of the specialized Masters degrees gives you a leading advantage. By progressing your business education and future-proofing your career, you’ll be recognized as an exceptional postgraduate from a top university in the US.

With eight key postgraduate pathways to select, you’ll never feel limited for choice at the Robert H. Smith School. For finance-based topics such as risk management and asset management, there’s the Master of Finance and the Master of Quantitative Finance. Or, if you’d rather learn about tax and internal audits, there’s the MS in Accounting.

For those who would like to learn all about Big Data and its business benefits, the MS in Business Analytics program is the perfect fit for you. For competitive management education, enroll in the MS in Business & Management, and for technological techniques you can apply for the MS in Information Systems.

Taking a different business approach, you can dive straight into a multidimensional MS in Marketing Analytics or MS in Supply Chain Management.

Exclusive postgraduate placements

To demonstrate the exceptional academic standard of Smith School students, organizations often send placement reviews back to the university. Here are a few examples of the testimonials the school has received so far:

“Sixuan Wu (MS in Accounting) was a truly exceptional intern. While her primary academic focus is accounting, she participated in developing the company’s financial projections, commercialization plans and participated in a variety of other business-related activities. She is focused, hardworking and willing to voice concerns and opinions when needed. It was wonderful having her on our team.”- Christopher Metting, Director of Operations and Systems Integration, AccuStrata Inc.

“Chantl Martin (MS in Marketing Analytics) is a brilliant marketing strategist that understands social media well and combines the knowledge with practical marketing principles. Plus, she can leverage all data coming back from marketing campaigns to analyze and further improve.” – Prasad Acharya, Senior Vice President, RJT Solution Beacon.

“Chloe Zhang (Master of Finance) performed marvelously for us in her role as a climate finance consultant. She was able to comprehend and assimilate key complex themes and associated information quickly. She demonstrated superb handling of the tasks and we would welcome her back to work with us in the future.”- Gabriel Thoumi, Director of Capital Markets, Climate Advisers. 

This school is connected to a significant number of companies on top of accommodating a thriving alumni network, so you’ll have the chance to boost your CV and practical knowledge with professional placements. Once you’ve graduated from the Robert H. Smith School of Business, you will feel confident to take on the working world!

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