Student destinations
Source: Golden West College

When it comes to studying abroad, location matters just as much as the academic programme.

Studying abroad is an experience most graduates look back on fondly, so choosing the ideal location is an important part of the decision-making process.

Choosing a university or college based on the quality of academic programmes, graduate outcomes and fantastic student lifestyle means choosing an experience that offers the best of both worlds.

Student destinations that provide interesting cultural experiences outside the classroom enriches the time spent overseas, helping learners develop certain skills such as interpersonal communication, cultural awareness, self-confidence, and more.

Many international students bring these skills and qualities back to their home countries, standing out in the working world with their rich international perspective and strong sense of self.

As college students typically face plenty of stress, a good location with plenty of activities outside of the classroom allows them to blow off steam and take their minds off academic pressures.

Student destinations

Source: Camosun College

Study locations that allow learners to be more active and exercise with a wide range of recreational activities also develops healthy habits and is good for their mental health.

College students are at an age where they are transitioning into adulthood, so it’s also the best time to discover new interests and hobbies.

Here are three exciting student destinations in North America that offer more than a quality education so students can thrive, personally and academically.


At Golden West College in California, students enjoy studying at the only college in Huntington Beach – known as ‘Surf City USA’, host of the World Championship surfing contests.

Enjoying plenty of sunshine and natural surroundings, students can skateboard or walk by the beach, the perfect place for the “California Experience”.

Known as one of the most beautiful campuses in Southern California, surrounded by plenty of greenery, this student destination offers a fantastic student lifestyle.

Student destinations

Source: Golden West College

Lush scenery aside, the school is also highly regarded for academic quality and innovative programmes, designing learning-centred programmes where students can truly thrive.

For example, they can take courses in Entrepreneurship – Small Business, Peace Studies, Video Game Development, Digital Arts, and other industry-relevant programmes.

For those intending to pursue further study, the college also offers transfer pathways and access to undergraduate universities like California State and the University of California.

The diverse and friendly environment also means that international students are welcomed by the entire campus community.

During their free time, students can enjoy the exciting recreational activities available in California, as well as visit Disneyworld, which is only a twenty-minute drive away.


Students study on two picturesque campuses at this Colorado college – Red Rocks Community College’s Arvada campus and Lakewood Campus.

Student destinations

Source: Red Rocks Community College

Lying on the foothills of Jefferson county, mere minutes from downtown Denver with the Rocky Mountains to the west, the convenient location offers fantastic views of the rolling hills. Students can also visit world-class ski slopes, located approximately an hour’s drive away.

Reflecting the active community in Colorado, the campus features a sand volleyball court, tennis and basketball courts, running track and walking trails, so students can enjoy a wide range of recreational activities.

As one of the best higher education institutions in Colorado state, the academic quality of the programmes here prepare students in the most in-demand career fields such as Health CareersComputer Technology and Fire Science.

Course schedules are often flexible so students can work around work or personal commitments, such as online courses, weekend classes and self-paced programmes.

Providing a pathway to further education or a rewarding career, students at this college enjoy a great academic experience, as well as enjoyable student lifestyle.


Located in beautiful Victoria, Canada, this vibrant campus environment is situated on Vancouver Island – known for its mild weather and thriving artistic community.

Student destinations

Source: Camosun College

On this lush island, with its cultural communities and friendly locals, students can enjoy activities like whale watching, fishing and birdwatching. During their free time, they can also visit sights such as Craigdorroch Castle and the Butchart Gardens.

With over 2,100 international students from over 80 countries, as well as a significant number of indigenous students, this college values and celebrates diversity.

In terms of academics, there are a number of certificate, diploma, bachelor’s degree and continuing education programmes for students to receive a high quality education. The college also has a strong reputation for teaching excellence with outstanding faculty.

The campus is big enough to offer a wide range of facilities, yet the close-knit community and small class sizes allow students to receive individual support and attention so they’re not lost in a sea of students.

Approximately 92 percent of graduates are either employed or pursuing further studies soon after graduation, thanks to this college’s innovative and industry-relevant academic programmes.

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