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A window into the inspiring University of Liechtenstein through online taster days

Crouching at the foot of forested mountains, hugging the banks of the Rhine and crowned by a turreted castle, Liechtenstein’s capital city, Vaduz is postcard-perfect. The principality of Liechtenstein may be just 25 km-long — not quite three times the size of Manhattan — but Vaduz packs a punch. Initially skeptical visitors want to know when they can come back for more of its bucolic idyll, unsatisfied with tour itineraries limiting their hiking, picnicking, camping, mountain climbing or just taking it easy time here. International students come for the quality of the programmes, fall in love with the community and stay for the myriad of career opportunities open to them at what’s practically Europe’s doorstep.

At University of Liechtenstein (UniLi), commitment to quality is assured. Campus is small in size. Lecture halls hold 30 instead of 300 students. One lecturer is dedicated to just 11 students. To MSc in Architecture student Gino Guntli, it has the full package: “Local roots, international links, flexible timetable, good infrastructure, high quality of the subjects.”

Step onto the university’s Fürst-Franz-Josef-Strasse campus, and its diversity is soon obvious. Over 800 students from around 40 nations call this place home. “I found Liechtenstein great — the country, the university and the manageable size in particular,” shares graduate Désirée Süsskind-Schwendi. Alumnus Christoph Böckle agrees. “The internationality of the university, but also of the country, fascinated me early on,” he says.

University of Liechtenstein

Source: University of Liechtenstein

University of Liechtenstein is a place for personal development, interaction and creative thought. Supportive faculty members and staff — always available to help — make this possible. The result? Growth. Talented, motivated and independent graduates ready to assume leadership roles in government and society, politics and business, culture and science.

In previous years, students can meet this inspiring group of lecturers and staff during open days. This year, with almost all university open days taking place online, they will have to meet UniLi’s campus community through a screen. Despite this shift, attending a virtual taster day is still one of the best ways to help decide which university will suit you best.

UniLi’s Online Master’s Taster Days are set to give applicants a window into the inspiring education that takes place here. From presentations on programmes to immersive campus tours to insightful lecturers on popular topics, you will be able to take part in all of the above from the comfort of your own home.

Students are also given the chance to clear any doubts or gain more insight during the question and answer session. There’s no better way to understand what you’ll be studying than to hear it from the lecturers themselves. For those who want to know more about the Liechtenstein student experience, ambassadors and professors are available for a chat at the end of every session.

The Online Master’s Taster Day Finance will be happening on Feb. 19, 2021 between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and the Online Master’s Taster Day Information Systems is scheduled for Feb. 26, 2021 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. You will be taken to lectures and exciting places on campus as well as get introduced to the team and student ambassadors. For more general information about all courses, get this on May 20th 2021 at the Online Master’s Info Evening. The courses in Entrepreneurship and Management, as well as Architecture, will also be represented. For more info on the itinerary and registration, click here.

UniLi offers several master’s programmes in English. The globally-recognised Master’s Programme in Finance combines asset management, risk management and international finance, making this programme unique and challenging. Its international approach, CFA-oriented curriculum and its personal study environment take student experiences far beyond classroom walls. “The University of Liechtenstein features a unique platform for students to step into the financial industry,” shares alumnus Patrick Prinz.

University of Liechtenstein

Source: University of Liechtenstein

The Master’s Programme in Information Systems provides the knowledge, skills and experience for a new generation of technology professionals to deal with the challenges of complex systems. Through this programme, students acquire cutting-edge skills and build a professional network. “The Master’s Programme in Information Systems provided me with skills related to the design, implementation, and adoption of information systems. In particular, I learned how information systems can drive business innovation and transformation,” alumnus Raphael Ender stated.

For the Master’s Programme in Architecture, students are taught to think and act in a sustainable, holistic, global and interdisciplinary way. In the studio, students apply a multitude of design and research methods, developing the core skills of architectural design learned in the degree to an advanced level. In this course, you’ll be trained as an integrated urban professional, with a vision to design progressive architecture that responds to the dynamic needs of contemporary society.

To learn more about these practical and future-oriented programmes, sign up for upcoming taster days here.

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