A day in the life of a Loughborough College IFP student

What does it mean to be an International Foundation Programme (IFP) student at Loughborough College? Three current students provide exclusive insights into the student experience to let you know what to expect.

The International Foundation Programme (IFP) at Loughborough College in the UK is perfect for ambitious students looking for immersion in a foreign country’s culture and language.

At this College, you’ll not only be able to get the required qualifications to pursue a degree abroad. You’ll also be fully integrated into college life and the student community from day one.

For Loughborough College IFP student, Mikyla Ashraf, a preparatory course such as this is her stepping stone into the world of higher education.

Initially, Mikyla, who is originally from India, wasn’t sure which degree programme to apply to. But after researching the IFP, she felt assured that a foundation year at the College is just what it would take to help her figure out which degree would suit her career aspirations best.

“I heard a lot of good feedback from students who’ve studied the International Foundation Programme at the College, and I felt it would have prepared me to enter university,” she says.

International Foundation Programme

A welcoming college campus

An introduction day can be nerve-wrecking, overwhelming or exciting – or all three mixed into one.

But the College turns this into an informative and fun day where they help students settle into their classes, shows them around the Loughborough Students’ Union (LSU), brings them to the town centre and answers any questions they may have about their programme.

For Jerry Chen, this introduction day helped him make friends with fellow IFP students and ease his transition from China to the UK.

And by informing his introduction day guides that he was passionate about pursuing an undergraduate sports management course at Loughborough University, they were happy to show him around the professional sports facilities, which can be used by both college and university students.

International Foundation Programme

A flexible student life

On the academic front, the IFP is a flexible learning experience, offering Academic English Study (AES) classes and a great selection of subject-specific modules.

Current student Adam Wu is a fan of how the IFP is structured.

An average day for Adam would be to join discussions with his favourite economics teacher, practise his essay writing during coursework tasks and meet up with friends at the gym or in town.

It’s this balanced approach to the IFP that Adam enjoys, where everyday he gets to learn something new that brings him closer to his academic goals.

And by staying in a safe and secure accommodation which is rated highly by Ofsted and Unipol, Adam also has the luxury of a five-minute walk to lectures.

The campus is designed in such a way that it’s easy for students to get to class. The town is also just a 15-minutes walk away, making it easy for international students to find their way around.

A way to kickstart your future

From effective curricula to supportive lecturers, Loughborough College has all it takes to prepare students for higher education in the UK.

“I would definitely recommend Loughborough College to others because I feel it’s a place with a great sense of community and many opportunities when it comes to academics or if you’re an elite athlete or a student who wants to stay fit,” says Mikyla.

“The College helps you focus on your priorities and pushes you to your best potential. I am extremely lucky to have chosen Loughborough College,” says Mikyla.

Life in Loughborough is just an application away – learn more about the International Foundation Programme here or request a prospectus here.

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