Step by step: How to find a suitable boarding school for SEN students
How to find a boarding school with the best SEN support. Source: Photo by Chris Benson/Unsplash

SEN, otherwise known as Special Educational Needs, is an important subject on the boarding school spectrum.

Boarding school can be daunting for any international student, let alone one who’s considered to be SEN. For concerned parents, it’s best to scope out one with first-rate facilities and overseas support.

If you’re searching for a boarding school that’s suitable for SEN an pupil, follow the steps below:

Seek advice from an SEN Specialist

Before going on the hunt for boarding schools that offer prime SEN support, it’s wise to first seek advice from an SEN specialist.

SEN specialists/consultants will be aware of what each boarding school can offer SEN students. By catering to each pupil’s needs, they have a certain skill in matching individual requirements with the most appropriate school.

As you know, SEN is not a general term. Every SEN student has a specific learning style and by contacting a specialist, you’ll gain a broader idea of what to search for at every potential boarding school.

Attend the Open Day

There’s nothing better than checking out the boarding school’s campus for yourself.

Walking around the school halls, chatting to teachers and seeing the space your child could one day experience is rewarding in itself.

Every parent wants to know their child is happy. Source: Tam Wai/Unsplash

But this could be difficult if the school is based halfway across the world.

Saying that, many boarding schools have upgraded their systems and invested in virtual tours. Conveying the campus environment through interactive imagery online, these innovative videos allow you to get a feel for everything the school has to offer from the comfort of your home.

Map out a clear study plan

While sifting through the endless number of boarding schools that have SEN support worldwide, make sure to map out the structure of the student’s study path.

Often, parents, students and applicants get misled by a school’s flashy marketing materials and the true path gets lost in translation.

Before embarking on your search, write down five key factors the school must have for SEN students.

You can always refer back to these main points throughout your search and match them to your desired boarding school.

Discuss SEN strategies with teachers

When discussing SEN strategies, analyse the conversation to see if any key moments of passion arise.

If boarding school teachers are eager to discuss SEN learning strategies, it’s a great sign.

This also becomes obvious when the teacher asks you questions.

Commitment to the development of SEN teaching styles reflects the considerate nature of the school, reassuring parents that they’re making the right decision.

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