7 unexpected university fees you may have to pay

7 unexpected university fees you may have to pay
Tuition fees to stay the same. Pic: Shutterstock.

As many students are aware, getting a tertiary education isn’t cheap, and we’re not just talking about tuition and accommodation fees. There are few things worse than being caught unawares by an unforeseen fee that you have to pay upfront. So while you’re preparing to go off to uni, be sure to check whether there are any extra costs.

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1. Orientation Fees

Incoming students usually have to undergo orientation to help them get settled in to university life, and as a means to support the various events organised, some universities may charge a one-off orientation fee.

2. Environment Fees

Environmentally-conscious schools may charge a small fee to support green, sustainable initiatives.

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3. Lab Fees

Depending on your course, you may need access to lab facilities. For example, students taking science-heavy courses may need to pay the fee, which would be used for upkeep, like purchasing slides and petri dishes and keeping lab equipment in good condition.

4. Tech Fees

Most campuses offer campus-wide Wi-Fi and computer labs, and it doesn’t come cheap, so students may be required to chip in a bit.

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5. Sports/Recreational Facilities Fees

Some schools may have a separate fee for sports and recreational facilities available on campus. That said, if you’re usually not that active, you can use it as motivation to actually use the facilities.

6. Campus Fees

This may cover maintenance fees for campus buildings and facilities. Some institutions may also lump all miscellaneous fees together and bill them under “Campus Fees”.

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7. Commencement Fees

If you’d like to attend your commencement or graduation ceremony, some universities might charge a commencement fee that is separate from gown and mortarboard rentals and photography packages.

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