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How did you really think it would end up when you 'necked' a pint of eight different spirits? Source:

For a collective of people who are smart enough to get into university, students do some pretty stupid things.

We had a look back at all the crazy, reckless fads students have found themselves caught up in. Proceed with caution, not all of these have a pretty aftermath!

1. Neck Nomination

Typically, students like to drink: from too many vodka & cokes to a couple of beers with friends. So long as you’re safe and sensible, there should be little need for concern.

But this craze took downing your drink a step too far.

Students drank disgusting mixtures of liquid at speed. Sometimes students drank mixtures of many different spirits. Other times drinks included condiments, blended food and other products not meant for drinking. Some students even drank entire bottles of spirit.

Five people died after ingesting huge quantities of alcohol in a short period of time. One drank three-quarters of a litre of vodka in one minute.

2. Cinnamon Challenge

If you haven’t done this yourself, know someone who has, or watched one of the videos, you might not know how horrific the challenge is.

Students ate, or sometimes snorted, a spoonful of cinnamon.

Spoiler alert: chances are you will throw up if you eat a whole spoon’s worth of cinnamon.

It’s enough to put you off cinnamon for life.

3. Lip Suction (Kylie Jenner Challenge)

Many students wish to emulate their favourite celebrities. When Kylie Jenner came on the scene people wanted to know how she made her lips so plump.

Like the businesswoman and celebrity she is, Jenner capitalised on this by claiming it was a tiny lip suction pod (and her lip plumper lip gloss). This triggered the Kyle Jenner Challenge.

People placed their mouth inside a glass and sucked for a long time, causing their lips to swell up. It is much more dangerous than it sounds.

And the results were pretty gross.

4. Planking

More proof that people will do almost anything if it gets them likes and shares online. ‘Internet fame’ may last a few days; the scars you will get if you fall will last much longer.

This involved lying flat like a ‘plank’ in more and more extreme (and often dangerous) places.

Unfortunately, people have also died from this challenge.

5. Laundry (Tide) Pod Challenge

The most recent of these silly fads was the Tide Pod Challenge.

‘Tide Pods’ are laundry detergent capsules. Designed for laundry, right? But instead of popping them in the washing machine, 40 young people have managed to land themselves in hospital after ingesting the liquid.

6. Condom Snorting

Yes, apparently this is also a thing people did. They attempted to snort a condom up their nose.

No wonder the majority of the world’s sex education programmes are criticised. That is not quite how they are meant to be used.

7. Salt Ice Challenge (Freeze Burn)

This challenge involved putting salt on their skin and then pressed down with an ice cube. The reaction causes a freeze burn. Ouch. Why anyone would willingly give themselves a freeze burn is a mystery.

At least someone finds it amusing.

Although many of these challenges serve no purpose other than ‘entertainment’ and short-lived Internet fame, others have more heart behind them.

2014’s ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge saw people from more than 150 countries post to YouTube alone. Students, the general public and even celebrities posted videos of someone throwing a bucket of freezing water and ice cubes over themselves.

The person would then donate money to the charity Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association. The craze was immensely popular and saw US$100 million donated to the cause. This was a 3500 percent increase from the previous year.

So it is probably best you think before you jump on the next Internet craze. You don’t want to end up like any of these people. Except maybe if it is safe and for charity… We’ll let you off then.

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