6 Reasons Why an International Boarding School is the Best Choice for Students


Going to an international boarding school is an adventure, and a once in a life-time opportunity to receive a world-class education. Attending an international boarding is the ideal way to prepare for success in the future, providing life skills that can impact a student’s life for the better. Both parents and students can enjoy the benefits of studying abroad at some of the most prestigious institutions all around the globe.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the reasons why an international boarding school could be the best choice for you:

1. Enjoy the international student experience

In becoming an international student, you enter a whole new world of education. In becoming an international student at boarding school, you are thrust into a community of like-minded people, all of a similar age. These people are just like you; eager to learn as they seek out creative and refreshing opportunities.

International boarding students discover a new and exciting culture where they thrive on independence, and receive an education from experienced, professional teachers.

Make lifelong friendships. Pic: Geelong Grammar School

2. A great education can lead to fantastic prospects

At an international boarding school, students get the highest quality education  with  qualified teachers assisting them every step of the way.

Professional support is available on campus, and ensures your time at  boarding school is enriched with treasured memories, as well as invaluable skills. Whether you are having issues with your coursework or would like some professional advice, every student receives the best individual care.

Once international students have received support and gained their qualifications, the next step is to apply to respectable universities. Throughout the application process, teachers and advisers will ensure students choose an institution that suits them, as well as guide them through the educational transition.

3. Make memories and new friends within the community

When attending an international boarding school, students are never alone throughout their education. Every boarding school offers a close and safe community for students and teachers, which gives everyone the opportunity to make new friends.

While living together on campus, students support and help each other through everyday life, both socially and academically. All students feel included through the various activities and events that are held on campus. International boarding schools are a place where children can thrive on learning, as well as enjoying life on campus.

Developing students into well rounded individuals. Pic: Denstone College

4. Students gain confidence and independence

While starting off at an international boarding school may seem scary, parents and students can be reassured that time and care is taken to make everyone feel welcome when they begin studying abroad.

Over time, students will begin to develop their confidence and gain independence away from home, which are essential skills when it comes to applying for the next step in their education. Boarding schools pride themselves on their one-to-one support for each and every student.

5. Receive the best possible help and advice

Throughout their international boarding school education, help will always be on hand when students need it most. Whether students require life advice or a meeting to discuss their academic progress, friendly teachers will be able to advise them individually. No problem is too big or too small.

At boarding school, teachers are available to assist students with any issues and enquiries even during out-of-school hours.

6. Be part of something exciting

Choosing to study at an international boarding school is one of the greatest decisions that parents and students can make because of the high-quality education, as well as the exciting cultural experiences that can be gained studying away from home. During their studies, international students will meet a wide range of people from different backgrounds, and thus gain in-depth knowledge of the wider world.

Students will have the opportunity to interact with amicable people, share their life experiences together and receive some of the best tuition available at their chosen international boarding school.