6 reasons to study a Master of Advanced Engineering at Monash University, Australia

Should I go on to further study? It’s a question students often ponder after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree. In the field of engineering, a Master’s degree not only opens doors to new opportunities but also increases your employability.  And when it comes to attractive Masters’ programmes, no one does it better than Monash University Australia.

The introduction of the Master of Advanced Engineering (MAdvE) course – the only kind in its field – ensures that students grow into transformational, global, and socially-responsible leaders and engineers. Created for experienced professionals with ambition, this qualification will advance your skills, as well as give you a clear and competitive edge.

“Recent labour market research shows growing demand for tertiary qualified employees. This demand has increased consistently over the last 10 years – and is expected to continue to rise for the foreseeable future,” says Stephen Durkin, Chief Executive Officer of Engineers Australia.

If you need further convincing, here are six reasons why you should consider studying a Master of Advanced Engineering at Monash University:

1. A leading university

The chances are you’ve heard of Monash University and its stellar reputation. If you haven’t, well, this is all you need to know; since it’s ranked by Times Higher Education as one of the top one percent of world universities, students who choose Monash can rest assured that their future is in good hands. Monash is also ranked by Times Higher Education  as the top engineering faculty in Australia. Its fantastic status has impressed employers who have mentioned that they are more likely to hire a Monash graduate, according to the Global Employability University Ranking.

2. A variety of specialisations

The course was developed for engineering graduates who desire to be leading contributors to their field. The MAdvE allows you to master crucial skills, gain in-depth knowledge, and choose from a range of technical electives that will deepen your understanding of a specific discipline. Monash offers one- and two-year full-time, or two-year and four-year part-time programmes, available in ten specialisations. Students can choose from the following: – Chemical engineering, Civil engineering (Infrastructure Systems), Civil engineering (Transport), Civil engineering (Water), Electrical engineering, , Materials engineering, Mechanical engineering, Medical Engineering, and Renewable and sustainable energy engineering.

3. Option to pursue a double Master’s

Monash provides you with a choice to do a double master’s, combining engineering and business to enhance your career prospects. Students can work on their engineering master’s degree while simultaneously studying any of these areas from within the Faculty of Business and Economics: Information technology, Law and responsible business, Managing human capital, Marketing, Responsible management, Risk management, Supply chain management, and Project management. You could receive two Master’s degrees in just two years, which is a substantial saving.

4. Scholarship funding

Students who sign up for the Master of Advanced Engineering course are eligible for a financial reward to ease the burden of tuition fees and the cost of living. The university offers scholarships of up to AU$12,000 for local and international students.

5. A complete academic program

Building on a strong degree foundation, the MAdvE program integrates leadership and personal development activities through coursework, industry seminars, and work-ready programs. Students work in small classes to forge and encourage a strong study network. In addition to this, you’ll get the chance to learn from world-class academics who will challenge your knowledge and provide new and exciting insights. The university also offers a competitive entry to the Monash Industry Team Initiative (MITI) program for interested students.

6. World-class research facilities

Research plays a vital role in engineering which is why Monash joined forces with the Australian Federal Government and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) to open the New Horizons Research Centre. The brilliant new facility, which houses the CAVE2TM immersive data visualisation environment,  is just one of many at Monash, including the largest wind tunnel in the southern hemisphere, microscopy and microanalysis equipment, multimillion dollar communications and power laboratories equipped with commercial systems and best-in-class instrumentation.

At Monash, you will earn more than a certificate. As a graduate of the Masters of Advanced Engineering you will have a deeper understanding of your specialisation and well-developed leadership skills. You will become more employable and be able to work on projects that can make a difference to the local, national, and international community.

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