6 reasons why your future begins in Perth

6 reasons why your future begins in Perth

“Laid-back, liveable Perth has wonderful weather, beautiful beaches and an easygoing character. About as close to Bali as some of eastern Australia’s state capitals, Perth combines big-city attractions and relaxed, informal surrounds, providing an appealing lifestyle for locals and lots to do for visitors.” Lonely Planet

Home to some of the world’s most fascinating critters, virtually-untouched natural settings and the lowest population density on the globe, Australia is nothing if not fantastical food for the daring imagination.

But while most might be familiar with the likes of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and other key Australian players, how much do you know about Perth – Western Australia’s vibrant capital?

Characterised by quirky sub-culture scenes, spine-tingling skylines, and an undeniably easy-going attitude, there’s no doubt that Perth has really got it going on.

And if you’re keen to pursue an elite education at an institution overseas, here are 6 reasons why your future begins in Perth…

1. It has been rated one of the world’s Top 10 most liveable cities for the past 12 years

Scoring full points for education, healthcare and infrastructure, not to mention its impressively high ratings for factors like stability, culture and environment in The Economist’s Global Liveability Rankings, it’s clear that Perth is doing things right, standing among the crème de la crème of the globe’s most urban regions.

Hosting a population of 2.04 million – the majority of whom are of course of Australian descent – a study venture in this city is nothing if not an authentic Aussie experience. One of the many perks of choosing to explore Perth lies in its English-speaking status. While this eliminates concerns about a language barrier for those unsure of what to expect, it also means that those who are second language speakers can immerse themselves in the culture, delving into conversation with upbeat locals to sharpen their language skills. This isn’t just a chance to gain an elite global education; but an opportunity to become your better self.

2. Education in Perth is truly world-class

Providing a fully-integrated education system from pre-school through to university level, there’s no better foundation for a long and successful career than a study investment in Perth. Of the 1,051 schools in the state of Western Australia, 602 make their home in this city, and you really are spoiled for choice when it comes to first-rate academics.

The numbers have it:

  • Perth boasts one university in the world’s Top 100, according to the QS Rankings for Best Student Cities 2017
  • And according to the very same rankings, the city stands as the 24th best worldwide for its diverse student mix
  • Not to mention is status as the 26th most desirable student city, as noted by QS!
  • And with a total 61,500 international student enrolments at institutions throughout the region, the popularity of Perth as a global study destination is plain for all to see

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3. The cost of living here doesn’t break the bank!

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Worldwide Cost of Living Survey, which analysed 131 global cities and measured 400 separate aspects – including accommodation, food, transport, healthcare and entertainment – Perth stands as the most affordable capital city on the continent, promising an unforgettable experience that’s easy on your wallet! Let’s take a closer look at some of the global figures:

Order running from the MOST to the LEAST expensive…

  • Singapore > 1st
  • Hong Kong > 2nd
  • Paris > 7th
  • New York > 9th
  • London > 18th
  • Sydney > 14th
  • Melbourne > 15th
  • Brisbane > 31st
  • Adelaide > 35th
  • Perth > 49th

4. Perth is a recognised hub of opportunity

Some of Australia’s – and the world’s – greatest achievements are borne from the abundant fruits of Perth. Despite quite literally sitting on the other side of the world, the London Underground – one of the greatest feats of modern transport engineering – has credit owed to Perth. That’s right; the three men responsible for drilling tunnels in the Tube’s grandest expansion since WWII did so from their office in Perth. Amazing, right?

On top of this, the UN notes that of the 35 biodiversity ‘hotspots’ that can be found around the world, one can be found in the South of Perth, highlighting the environmental treasures that are exclusive to this region. Furthermore, the largest radio telescope exploring the wonders of our universe houses its supercomputing facility in – you guessed it – yep, it’s Perth. And with 35 percent of Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listed companies building their headquarters in this metropolis, there’s no doubt Perth has the goods to kick-start success that will feed the rest of your life.

5. There’s no better place to enjoy the great outdoors

The city’s heart-warming Mediterranean climate means there’s never a dull day, because who doesn’t want to frolic in the sun when the average temperature is 25°C?! And with the city’s King’s Park representing the globe’s most expansive inner-city greenery – yep, bigger even than New York’s Central Park – you don’t need to venture far to soak up Mother Nature at her best.

Here, you can also dive into the finest beaches in the world, with Perth hosting 19 for you to explore. And with some of the most exotic creatures and vibrant coral reefs gracing the ocean floor, your beachside Perth adventure is not one you’ll forget.

6. Perth is a gateway to the wider world…

Sharing the same time zone as 60 percent of the international population, it’s likely that Perth is more a neighbour than you thought! And since it boasts the shortest travel time from Australia to the rest of the world, there’s no doubt you’ll finish up at Perth as a truly influential and inspired global citizen.

Your future is now, and it begins in Perth.

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