6 practical features of a Toledo education

Vying for start-up money in a business innovation competition. Discovering a previously unknown star in the cosmos. Managing a multimillion-dollar portfolio from a live-trading room connected to world-leading stock exchange. Researching water quality and monitoring invasive species in the Great Lakes. And countless, paid internship opportunities in various fields.

These are just a sampling of the exceptional experiential learning opportunities you’ll find at The University of Toledo (UT) – where students learn by doing.

Here are six outstanding reasons why The University of Toledo, Ohio, USA, should be your choice for higher education…

1. Exceptional student facilities & resources

UT students make the connection between principles and practice in learning labs, research centers and studios like these:

  • In the College of Business and Innovation (COBI), finance students work in a fully-equipped, high-tech trading room, where they manage an actual UT investment fund that has nearly doubled in value since its inception.
  • UT’s Health Science Campus boasts a state-of-the-art simulation center with clinical learning labs, patient simulator technologies and a virtual reality room where students can explore immersive, 3-D environments as vast as the solar system or as tiny as a human cell.
  • The Ritter Planetarium and Brooks Observatory houses several refracting and reflecting telescopes, including the robotic-mounted Celestron 14 Edge HD telescope. In recognition of its outstanding astronomy program, UT has been admitted into the prestigious Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy.
  • UT’s Center for the Visual Arts was designed by internationally-renowned architect Frank O. Gehry, and is located on the grounds of the Toledo Museum of Art, which provides UT students direct access to one of the nation’s most significant art collections.

“It was an honor to come to UT and participate in the portfolio management program. Our class works like an investment management firm, complete with officers and meetings. It gives you an excellent base and an upper hand when you go to work in an actual firm.” – Vivek, class of 2017

2. Undergraduate research opportunities and field-work options

The University of Toledo provides an exceptional range of undergraduate research opportunities. Research positions afford in-depth experiences with professors and graduate researchers that can lead to greater mastery of their fields of study. Through the Office of Undergraduate Research, students can find practical experience relevant to their interests in virtually all of UT’s 110+ undergraduate majors and programs. In addition to volunteer positions, many research assignments provide tuition credits, stipends or grants.

3. Outstanding co-ops and internships

Students in any major or program can find a wealth of internships and co-ops – a number of which are paid – through UT’s Center for Experiential Learning and Career Services. Academic programs that also help students gain valuable work experience include:

  • UT’s College of Business and Innovation (COBI)
    • More than 80 percent of COBI undergraduates have at least one internship with leading regional, national and multinational companies.
  • UT’s College of Engineering
    • Engineering majors are required to complete a minimum of three semesters of co-op work before graduation. Through the program, more than 16,700 students have been placed in hundreds of leading companies.

“The internship is a milestone toward getting a job offer….The Business Career Programs office in UT’s College of Business and Innovation helped me set up my internship through the career fair, and after I had my interview they helped me prepare my work permit for the internship with the international office.”- Abdulmonem, class of 2016

4. The Jesup Scott Honors College

The Jesup Scott Honors College offers high-achieving students opportunities that enrich, providing the benefits of a small-college experience in a major-university environment:

  • Smaller, more challenging classes conducted by leading UT professors
  • Capstone projects and research experiences that allow for in-depth study and prepare students for achievement beyond the classroom
  • Immersive, experiential learning, including co-ops, internships and trips abroad with Honors faculty
  • Honors-only living communities that foster an inclusive atmosphere conducive to academic excellence

5. Student organizations and service learning opportunities

With more than 350 student organizations, including several that connect and serve international students, there’s an opportunity at UT to build leadership skills and make connections with others, regardless of your background or interests. UT student groups are also great ways to get involved in the local community and reach beyond campus in service to others. Student-run fundraising events like RockeTHON and Songfest raise thousands of dollars annually for local and national charities. And, each year, student leaders rally the entire campus for the BIG Event to give back to nearby neighborhoods through a day of service.

6. Study abroad opportunities

Become a global citizen at The University of Toledo! The Center for International Studies and Programs connects students to academic programs in dozens of countries worldwide. For-credit opportunities to study abroad range from short-term trips of a week or two with UT faculty and students to a full semester or more of individual study in a country of your choice.

I was part of the International Students Association and a member of Blue Crew, a spirit society dedicated to The University of Toledo’s traditions and inspiring the UT community. I worked as a building manager for the Thompson Student Union and as an orientation leader for the Office of New Student Orientation Programs. All these experiences allowed me to come out of my shell, create meaningful connections with people from all backgrounds and feed my passion and love for UT, making my college experience something worth remembering.” – Daniela, UT engineering graduate/alumni and current master’s degree student

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