5 unique university courses in Europe for your study abroad

Do you wonder why violence sells in video games, or how to resolve international conflict? Perhaps you’re passionate about green energy, and building communities around it. No matter how niche your calling, you can find a suitable university course in Europe for it.

Beyond history, architecture, and arguably the most bizarre talent competition in the world (please explain Eurovision, Europe), this continent offers the chance to pursue academic specialisations and rewarding careers. Universities in Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg and France are among those attracting growing numbers of international students year after year. You too can take the road less travelled by signing up for one of these unique university courses in Europe.

Game studies

Not to be confused with game design, game studies dives into a socio-psychological analysis of the people who play games, the games they play, and the culture they create. It is rooted in anthropology, covering the studies of sports, board games, and video games.

Tampere University in Finland offers the Master’s Degree Programme in Game Studies, which trains experts in game and play through the lens of ludology. Alternatively, you can focus on building narratives or user experience at the University of Skövde in Sweden. You may progress to these courses from game design, humanities, or social science background.

Peace and conflict studies

On to a different type of social science study, which is perfect for future analysts and researchers. Peace and conflict studies involve understanding why and how we go to war, as well as how to resolve conflict and build peace on the global stage. Besides that, you will dissect issues vital to the protection of nations and civilians, learning how to make critical examinations on the bases of science and reasoning.

You will find the right university course in Europe — particularly Sweden, which is home to peacemaking legends like Olof Palme and Raoul Wallenberg. Uppsala University runs a master’s programme in peace and conflict studies, while Umeå University zeroes in on crisis management and peacebuilding. Malmö University offers undergraduate study in this discipline over the course of three years.

Space studies

Human exploration of the nature and potential of space knows no end. Private spaceflight is in its nascence with companies like SpaceX. The world needs more experts not just on the science of space, but the business of it. Will you be one of those who step up to the plate?

You can find postgraduate programmes and short courses to further your foray into space studies at the International Space University in France.

Besides that, the University of Luxembourg admits 20 students into its Interdisciplinary Space Master every year. This exclusive group are equipped to bridge engineering, science, business, and finance ‌in‌ ‌NewSpace‌, for which Luxembourg is a leader in Europe. Students with a love for physics and talent in design can opt for the Master Programme in Spacecraft Design at Sweden’s Luleå University of Technology.

Smart city energy studies

Talk about unique; this MSc Energy for Smart Cities is so niched that you will only find one in Europe. This course brings energy engineering and management into the realm of urban planning, preparing pioneers that will build more sustainable communities all around the world. You will gain insights into the ethical, social, and economic frameworks for sustainable energy in cities of the future.

This programme is jointly run by the Grenoble Institute of Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, KU Leuven, and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya via EIT InnoEnergy. Not only will you gain the invaluable experience of studying abroad, but you will also benefit from the best urban living planning and resources that Europe has to offer.

e-Government studies

The European Union is no stranger to e-government initiatives, particularly for public administrations and the digital market. Not only does it encourage e-payments, but it also plans to replace paper-based customs with electronic ones. Expect to gain the planning, management, and technical skills necessary to lead national administrative bodies into their future.

Want to tap into the continent’s e-government speciality for your own professional development? Check out Stockholm University’s Master’s Programme in Open eGovernment. This two-year, online programme will prepare you for a digital future in public service through lessons in everything from service design and innovation to security in e-government and democracy.

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