Law students at Robert Gordon University. Source: Robert Gordon University
Source: Robert Gordon University

“The safety of the people shall be the highest law.” – Marcus Tillius Cicero

Society is constantly developing and evolving. With each change comes a new set of opportunities to explore and challenges to overcome. These in turn shape the world, and remind us how important it is to work together towards unity and stability.

In times of change, we must marvel at the strength of our civilians and forces, and the institutions that maintain law and order; for where would we be now, in the UK and the world, if it weren’t for the laws and legal systems that protect and guide us?

Across the world, lawyers and other legal representatives are held in high regard.

Having to pursue such rigorous streams of academia in order to enter the professional field demands a certain level of respect, and this is something that’s recognised on all four corners of the globe. Law-based degrees are not only considered sophisticated routes of study, but are also characterised as being ‘universal’, instilling students with expertise they can use in any job.

Durham University students at Durham Castle. Source: Durham University

Source: Durham University

“The common law system derived from English law and has influence across the world…to study this will give you the opportunity to gain perspective on your chosen subjects and to gain an insight into other legal systems,” notes Jodie Mcmaster of All About Law.

“Opportunities for law students studying the English legal systems are endless,” she writes. “There are mini pupillages, vacation schemes, legal clinics and shadowing in court as options for work experience. Not to mention the range of legal careers (other than solicitor or barrister); paralegal, legal administrator, legal cashier, legal executive, court clerk – the possibilities are endless.”

On top of all this, delving into the structures of English law will give you a chance to hone your English speaking skills – an invaluable investment in an increasingly globalised world – while experiencing a quintessentially British student life in a small town or big city of your choice.

From your new home in the UK, you’ll gain an in-depth, cross-border understanding of UK laws and legal systems, meaning that if or when you decide to move back home, you’ll be able to secure a relevant and meaningful position in relation to global law. No matter where you end up, your legal foundation from a renowned UK institution will give you the power to shape the policies that keep society safe and well.

Does this sound like the future for you? Here are 5 UK Law Schools that offer a global learning experience…


Law Students. Source: Robert Gordon University

Source: Robert Gordon University

Set amid the bustle of Aberdeen, the oil and gas capital of Europe in Northeast Scotland, the Law School at Robert Gordon University offers a comprehensive range of accredited and professionally-recognised law degrees at the undergraduate, postgraduate and research level.

From its LLB, to a range of LLM provisions available on campus and online, including its global-reaching Masters in Construction Law and Arbitration, Robert Gordon presents a breadth and depth of legal study that translates to any career; from Law-focused work within private practice, the civil service or the financial sector, to consultancy work, positions within large corporations, smaller companies, social enterprises, and beyond.

The institution prides itself on its ability to structure courses in line with industry and professional needs, and consequently nurtures tight-knit links with local and international organisations. With its focus on graduate employability and flexibility of delivery, this university is the ideal base from which to gain vital real-world experience and showcase what you have to offer.


A noted world leader in legal education and research, the impact of the Durham Law School education strikes at the local, regional and international level.

Named a Top 40 global Law School in the most recent QS World University rankings, and frequently rated as one of the UK’s leading Law-focused institutions, the Law School has carved a long-standing reputation of excellence within the legal education sphere.

“The Law School is a great place to learn law,” says Professor Thom Brooks, Head of the School. “Alongside your studies, you will have the opportunity to engage in a growing number of extra-curricular activities led by law students…and will benefit from our close relationships with a range of leading employers,” he adds. “In short, we aim to provide a supportive environment in which all our students can flourish to the full, both academically and personally.”


Source: Queen Mary University of London

Source: Queen Mary University of London

As a thriving, globally-competitive institution in the heart of the UK capital, the School of Law at Queen Mary University of London serves as the ideal backdrop for your venture into global law.

Ranked 5th in the country for student satisfaction in the Guardian University Guide 2017 subject league tables, this School of Law is not just a hub for keen recruiting employers, but also an incredibly desirable study destination for prospective students around the globe.

Offering five undergraduate law programmes with a range of placement year options, as well as a rigorous portfolio of part-time and distance learning flexible postgraduate routes, Queen Mary University is a great option for students looking to enter the field, as well as those with a few years’ professional experience already under their belts.


Teaching legal studies in a way that’s both innovative and engaging, the University of Derby is a recognised powerhouse of UK Law-based education.

Hosting an LLB programme that’s the only Law degree in the UK to train students in all key lawyering skills – including drafting, advocacy, interviewing and negotiation – the quality of the Derby Law School education undoubtedly speaks for itself. Through ground-breaking partnerships with worldwide organisations, Derby offers an intrinsically global law curriculum, granting students knowledge and expertise that are not restricted to one region’s jurisdiction.

“There are guaranteed placements, real casework, a formal judicial shadowing scheme and guest lectures from legal professionals including experienced judges and coroners,” the institution notes. “Practical learning opportunities such as these help you develop the skills and attributes required for a successful career in the legal sector.”


University of Strathclyde students in front of a mural

Source: University of Strathclyde

Looking for a school that’s modern, approachable and friendly? Then you’re in great hands at the University of Strathclyde, a top 15 law school in the UK. Leading the way with the first and biggest law clinic in Scotland, this university offers real-life work experience by allowing students to participate in a Law Clinic that provides free legal advice for those in need.

The multi-award-winning Law Clinic, established in 2003, has helped nearly 2,000 clients over the years. Aside from working in the clinic, students can join the Mooting Society, where you’ll get practical court-room experience by participating in training sessions and joining national and international competitions run by members of the legal profession.

On top of all this, the Strathclyde Law School also boasts a Mediation Clinic, presenting students with a wealth of unrivalled experiential learning opportunities, and allowing them to put theory into practice in a dynamic, real-world context.

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