5 Things You Didn’t Know about Stetson University
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5 Things You Didn’t Know about Stetson University

Stetson University is known as one of the best universities in the US. The proof is in the numbers. The Princeton Review named it one of the best undergraduate institutions in the US for 2023 for the eighth year in a row. It ranked fourth among the Best Regional Universities (South) for 2023 by US News & World Report. Its commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability was highlighted for the seventh time when named in The Princeton Review’s Guide to Green Colleges. And it joins only 10% of US colleges and universities with a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, America’s most prestigious academic honour society.

Perhaps what’s most profound is how its graduates achieve a 91% success rate, securing meaningful employment or gaining admission to many top-tier graduate schools. This impressive outcome is a testament to Stetson’s unwavering commitment to providing students with a transformative education that goes beyond theory.

Here are five things you didn’t know about the student experience that opens doors to seemingly limitless opportunities:

It encourages students to succeed beyond classrooms

Stetson’s vibrant and diverse campus is home to over 100 student organisations, 18 NCAA Division I sports, and students from across the US and 56 other countries. Carolina Ferraris left her home in Rio, Brazil, for a new life in DeLand, Florida — all because one Stetson experience could help her nurture her two loves: volleyball and the health sciences.

Ferraris is a proud member of Stetson’s Beach Volleyball team, seven-time winner of its conference championship. Source: Stetson University

In high school, she had gained an appreciation for the inner mechanisms that drive optimal performance. She spent years playing volleyball for her native country of Italy, which further amplified her curiosity about the impact of nutrition on athletic abilities, as well as the role of strength and conditioning in enhancing overall performance. “I really wanted to try going professional, and that was when I got Stetson’s offer to come and play high-level volleyball while still getting a great education,” she says.

Beatriz Vossen, an Accounting and Finance student from São Paulo, Brazil, chose Stetson for similar reasons. “Since I was young, I wanted to study at an American university. When I got to know that in the US, it is possible to combine both athletics and academics, that became my biggest dream,” she says. “Back home, we could only choose one route.”

Coming from a big city in Brazil, she said she enjoys living in a small town in the US where she feels safe walking around campus and downtown by herself during the day. As a female, she prefers to go out with friends at night or, if needed, she can request an escorted ride across campus from the university’s Public Safety staff.

Vossen is originally from São Paulo and has always wanted to study in the US. Source: Stetson University

There’s something for everyone

As one of the oldest and most pioneering institutions in Florida, Stetson University has left a mark on Florida’s educational landscape. It was the first university to establish schools of business, law, and music in the state. Today, it offers academic excellence in more than 100 areas of study.

Students enjoy small class sizes and, with a student-to-faculty ratio of 11-to-1, they can develop mentors and work closely with world-class faculty. Majors span Accounting, Aquatic and Marine Biology, Art, Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Digital Arts, Economics, Education, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Music, Psychology, Physics, Public Health, Theatre Arts, and more.

Abundant support

Ferraris loves Sports Nutrition and Virology lessons the most, specifically because her professors, Dr. Kristine Dye and Dr. Erica Goldstein, have done an impeccable job at keeping lessons engaging and making students feel comfortable enough to ask for help. “Dr. Dye would let us call her if we had any questions on homework, and she would always be available to review class material. Meanwhile, Dr. Goldstein would always stay after class for further discussion and to take our questions.”

Vossen thanks her accounting professor, Dr. Erin Nickell, for going above and beyond for her. “She’s been a great advisor,” says the student. “We’ve connected on a personal level since she helped me build my goals for my future career path, as well as when I faced personal challenges.”

Stetson is nestled a few blocks from downtown DeLand with restaurants, shops, nightlife and a weekly farmers market. DeLand has been named one of the best downtowns in America and one of the best small towns in the South. Source: Stetson University

A focus on employability

This university has long made employability a key focus of its educational approach. To equip students with the skills, experiences, and connections necessary to thrive in the professional world, it immerses them in hands-on learning with opportunities to study abroad, obtain internships, conduct student research, and engage in community service. It even offers robust career development resources, including career counselling, resume-building, interview preparation, and networking opportunities. Through these resources, students receive the guidance and support needed to navigate their career paths, identify their strengths, and explore potential opportunities.

“Stetson gives us students good guidance to be able to feel confident and ready to face the adversities that the work-life brings us,” says Ferraris. “The campus also offers many job opportunities which make you grow inside the community, helping us and preparing us for future experiences.”

Sunny Central Florida

Situated in the vibrant and sunny region of Central Florida, Stetson benefits from its proximity to beautiful beaches and renowned theme parks. This location lets students strike a unique balance of academic and leisure pursuits, making the most of their time here.

It’s little wonder why Vossen is already certain of her decision to remain in the US for a postgraduate degree once she graduates from Stetson. “I believe that, by staying here, I will have access to the best education I could get in my field of study,” she says.

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