5 schools that serve as stepping stones to world-class universities
Source: The Kent School

Choosing the right school for your child is not only crucial for their happiness and wellbeing, but also for their prospects at university and throughout their careers. The rigorous, holistic approach found within contemporary boarding schools grants students opportunities seldom found elsewhere.

Saying goodbye at the beginning of term is never going to be easy, but you can rest assured that at the five schools detailed below, your child will receive the highest standard of education and the most nurturing of pastoral care. These schools, each in their own way, offer a well-rounded, holistic boarding environment that will develop your child into a well-rounded individual.

Boarding students benefit from high quality education. As a study by The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) shows, 90 percent of boarding school students feel they reap the rewards of high-quality teaching staff, compared to only 51 percent of public school students who feel the same way.

This academic excellence paired with opportunities like competitive, high level sporting events, state-of-the-art Arts facilities, the Duke of Edinburgh Award and international exchanges set your child up for success in the future, both in higher education and beyond.


Source: Leighton Park School

The genuine commitment that Leighton Park gives each student is palpable. The school’s ethos allows students to follow their most impassioned interests, become active learners and succeed as themselves – all within a beautiful setting of 65 acres of parkland, 30 minutes from London.

The success of Leighton Park’s approach is demonstrated by the latest UK Government league tables, with Sixth Form students achieving the best academic progress in Berkshire – and the school in the top 40 in England. The School has particular strengths in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) as well as the Creative Arts (Music, Drama, Art and Dance).

An IB World School, with emphasis on creative problem-solving, critical thinking and intercultural skills – Leighton Park School ensures that every student can succeed in an ever-changing, globalised world.

The school achieves a remarkable balance between a wonderful sense of calm and an incredible amount of activity and dynamism, offering students the time and space to understand and enjoy their learning, grow in confidence and try a huge range of new experiences.


Glenalmond College is a co-educational boarding and day school for boys and girls aged 12 to 18, situated on a 300-acre campus in the heart of the Perthshire countryside, just 8 miles from Perth and one hour from Edinburgh or Glasgow. It has been described as Scotland’s most beautiful school!

With a strong academic focus within the framework of an all-round education, Glenalmond grants both day pupils and boarders the conditions needed to develop their personal and interpersonal skills with a view to fulfilling their potential at university and beyond. The school prides itself on inspirational teaching, outstanding extra-curricular opportunities, and the very best in pastoral care.

Source: Glenalmond College

The academic success of the college is clear, with 98 percent of leavers going on to university or higher education. But Glenalmond pupils are encouraged to develop a spirit of academic enquiry not just to secure good grades, but also to foster an interest in learning for its own sake.

Outside of the classroom, students are offered a full range of extracurricular opportunities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Combined Cadet Force, cultural exchanges to countries such as Chile and Australia, and trips for skiing, geography, languages and more.


Badminton is an independent day and boarding school for girls aged 3-18, located just minutes from the centre of Bristol. Priding itself on a culture of mutual respect and tolerance, underpinned by a strong sense of integrity, this institution challenges pupils to fulfil their potential and be intellectually curious, above all ensuring the community has a good sense of fun!

With a history of innovation, the small size of Badminton comes with the freedom and space to explore new ideas and interests. A Badminton education is transformative, offering a bespoke experience with an emphasis on holistic learning and a culture of care and support.

At the core of its vision, the school teaches respect and tolerance for the whole community, requiring each girl to take responsibility for herself and her actions. This creates the opportunity for every girl to make a contribution to the school’s well-being and engage in genuine mutual support.

The school fosters an international mindset creating an awareness of the needs and concerns of society at the local, national and global level, presenting student opportunities to get involved with a range of community service and charitable projects.


Set just half mile from the charming town of Kent, this American institution models itself on a traditional British boarding structure. Kent actively encourages sixth form students to undertake leadership roles, including joining the Senior Council – a collective who help organise school events and represent the student body to Administration and the Headmaster.

Source: The Kent School

Kent students also have the chance to undergo training to become a peer counsellor; offering advice to other students in need of additional support.

Community service is an integral part of student life at Kent. Many learners hold regular volunteering slots with local services like nursing homes and animal sanctuaries. Others choose to participate in service trips that the school lays on over spring and summer breaks, also choosing to fundraise or volunteer as part of a sports team or athletic group.

These chances to pursue meaningful roles in the school and surrounding communities at such a young age are invaluable for preparing teenagers to take meaningful positions, no matter where they find themselves after graduation.


Georgetown Preparatory is the oldest Catholic school in the US, as well as the only Jesuit boarding school. Located outside of Washington DC, this school offers a high-quality education to boys between grade 9 and 12.

It has a rigorous liberal arts curriculum deeply rooted in the Jesuit educational principles of intellectual excellence, reflection and personal responsibility, which date back to the 16th century. The school’s culture focuses on pupils’ spiritual formation, with spiritual life programmes that encourage students to cultivate bonds with classmates, faculty and members of the greater Prep community.

With nearly 30 extracurricular activities and clubs, various student publications and 28 athletic teams, your son will be able to pinpoint and develop his talents within a thoughtfully planned curriculum as well as far beyond the classroom.

The Georgetown Preparatory campus comprises 93 acres and contains impressive facilities, like a fully-equipped recording studio, nine-hole golf course, 11-lane natatorium, sizeable weight training room, film room, 200-meter indoor track, and a regulation-length artificial turf field complete with stadium lights.

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