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5 reasons why aspiring engineers choose London South Bank University

Zoom into the heart of London and you’ll discover London South Bank University (LSBU), a world-class institution that has been providing vocationally relevant, accredited and professionally recognised education since 1892. 

LSBU is home to seven schools, each with its own distinctively dynamic environment to support students, develop academic programmes and engage with industry. Its School of Engineering is one of its finest and most prolific. 

Here, aspiring engineers join the school as students and leave as innovative, future-forward, and job-ready graduates. They gain a holistic student experience, from being able to access great student services to making the most of their school’s location. 

At LSBU, an exciting and dynamic environment awaits. These fast facts prove it: 

A city centre campus that has everything you need

As an LSBU student, you’ll love being a part of central London, a thriving cultural hub where everything you need is right on your doorstep. The school’s Southwark campus is at Elephant & Castle — a major road junction — which has food markets, bars, restaurants, cafes and clubs. It’s also served by excellent mainline rail, bus and tube connections. 

The best part? The Southwark campus is close to many of the world’s most influential and well-known brands too, offering students amazing networking and job opportunities.

London South Bank University

At London South Bank University, student well-being is a top priority. Source: London South Bank University

A supportive and welcoming environment

At LSBU, student well-being is a top priority. It strives to enable students to achieve their fullest potential through approachable and reliable services that students can trust. Here, students have access to services that support their educational, personal and employment needs, from accommodation, employment and career advice to mental health and well-being support. 

Need to speak to someone? Students can reach out to the school’s Student Life Centre (SLC) helpdesk or book one-to-one appointments with the specialist teams. 

A wide range of rich engineering programmes

The School of Engineering offers numerous BSc programmes across a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines: Chemical and Energy Engineering, Computer Science and Informatics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Mechanical and Design Engineering. 

These programmes are developed with industry experts and professionally accredited by leading industry bodies. They are constantly informed by industry and research, offering a rock-solid foundation every engineer needs to excel in the industry. Whether you’re looking to meet the challenges of tomorrow in the fields of chemical engineering, join a fast-moving electronics field, or engage in enterprising problem-solving assignments in the mechanical field, LSBU has got you covered. 

London South Bank University

Here, your learning is supported by state-of-the-art technology, cutting-edge research and real-world teaching. Source: London South Bank University

Extensive facilities for an impactful learning experience

There’s no limit to learning at LSBU. Students have the support of state-of-the-art technology, cutting-edge research and real-world teaching in 600 square metres of specialist laboratories covering almost every discipline. These laboratories include a model-making workshop, a fabrication workshop and a 1.4 million pounds 3D Virtual Engineering Lab. 

That’s not all. The 3D Virtual Engineering Lab features a virtual reality auditorium, a project-based learning lab, a rapid prototyping and post-production suite, a digital factory and a head-mounted-display suite, where they can use virtual reality headsets to navigate their engineering projects in 3D.

A platform for you to make a difference

Making a difference is possible at LSBU. The school’s unique approach pushes students to bring new ideas to life in different ways, from excelling in challenges to taking part in competitions in London and beyond. With the support of their faculty members and staff, students discover how they can make an impact and become graduates who do just that. 

BSc Computer Science graduate Denis Nwanshi is a prime example. Nwanshi organised an inter-university Coding Hackathon event — a collaborative event between the LSBU Computer Science academic team and other institutions around the world. He delivers talks to students, serves as a judge in competitions and plays an active role in LSBU’s alumni community as well. For Nwanshi, it’s his way of making a difference and giving to the community. 

“I’m a Londoner born and bred and have a long-lasting connection to LSBU and the wider academic and business ecosystem, so I relish the opportunity to contribute where I can,” shares Nwanshi. 

The above facts are more than just reasons for aspiring engineers to choose LSBU. They are proof that LSBU students are empowered by the school’s academic excellence, fantastic facilities, well-rounded student support and great location to be engineers of the future.

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