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Founded more than 100 years ago, Virginia-based Hargrave Military Academy is steeped in history and tradition. Regarded as one of the best college preparatory boarding schools in the US, students here are exposed to a philosophy of excellence and achievement. A range of sporting and personal opportunities complement a rigorous academic program, designed to instil a spirit of self-belief and excellence.

A truly global community beats at the heart of Hargrave Military, with different cultures from North and South America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe represented across a diverse and inclusive student body.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Hargrave Military School as the place of education for your child.

Academic prosperity

Hargrave believes in success through a holistic educational program. The academy believes that students who are physically, morally and mentally fit are better prepared to make sound decisions, establish and achieve personal goals and become important contributors to society.

Hargrave’s daily schedule has been curated to develop each student’s mental, physical, spiritual and moral qualities. A traditional college preparatory curriculum enables a spirit of critical thinking and inspires a desire to learn.

Hargrave Military Academy

The Academy prides itself on its small teaching groups, with an impressive student-teacher ratio of 11:1 providing each child with the necessary attention and support. From grades 7 to 9, students explore language arts, cultural studies and science, with an emphasis placed on developing core character principles from an early age. Hargrave also offers ESL classes for students of all ages.

In Upper School Grades 10 to 12, students dictate the course of their studies. Personal interests, academic ability and needs help students decide their college of choice, while the Upper School education focuses on helping them reach their goals. Students study six subjects on a schedule similar to that found on a college campus, attending classes in three subjects per day, designed to help with the transition to college life.

Personal development

“Our goal is not just to graduate your son but provide him with the tools that will allow him to be successful in life.”

Hargrave Military is committed to students’ personal development. This commitment to building men of character sets it apart from other US military academies, with such efforts resulting in the school being one of only two military academies in the country to be accredited as a National School of Character.

Students here put their leadership development to practice every day – in the classroom, the sports arena, within the Academy’s Corps of Cadets, and within the school community. A dedicated Center for Leadership and Ethics is open for seventh grade and higher, where students can hone their leadership characteristics and character development.

Scott R. Dooley, Director of the Center, says: “I believe in Hargrave and its mission to develop men of character into productive citizens who are guided in their decisions by a strict code of moral ethics.”

Athletic excellence

An active sports department gives students the chance to delve into one of 20 sports teams, including 12 varsity teams. This instils a competitive spirit, also promoting health and fitness. More than 70 percent of students here participate in one or more athletics teams each year, with the school now serious national contenders in basketball, lacrosse and soccer, as well as the wrestling, baseball and swimming arenas.

Hargrave Military Academy

For students progressing to postgraduate-level, basketball is the chosen sport. Hargrave’s postgraduate teams regularly get the chance to represent the Academy and compete nationally.

Postgraduate & summer opportunities

Hargrave is committed to ensuring students are prepared for the world beyond school, offering a postgraduate programme designed for students with high school diplomas. Students will experience a period of discipline, structure and order in preparation for further study and beyond. The course is a popular option for those aiming for a D1 or D2 scholarship, particularly in basketball.

The postgraduate offering is also favourable among students with ambitions for the United States Military Academy (West Point) or the United States Naval Academy (Annapolis), with eight Hargrave graduates currently attending these schools.

In addition to this, Hargrave Military Academy offers a four-week summer program comprising of the same standards, academic opportunities and resources students experience during the standard academic year. This supports students who may be struggling academically to catch up with their peers and grow in confidence for the future.

Spiritual growth

Faculty and staff at Hargrave see it as their duty, responsibility and honor to assist with the spiritual development of the young men studying there. Spiritual growth is promoted to meet the needs of all cadets, regardless of their background or perspective on faith and spirituality.

The school believes that spiritual maturity and well-being are intrinsically connected to characteristics such as virtue, morality and ethics. As a result, faculty do all in their power to assist students in developing as spiritually mature, analytical individuals.

A proud institution, Hargrave nurtures pupils with a strong basis of faith, encouraging them to grow into well-rounded and important contributors to society and the world after graduation.

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