5 reasons to pursue an LLM in American Law at Boston University School of Law
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5 reasons to pursue an LLM in American Law at Boston University School of Law

What does it mean to be more than another number in law school? It’s not just about being seen; the best law schools design their programmes and the learning experience in ways that are as unique as the students. 

That’s what it’s like pursuing an LLM in American Law at Boston University School of Law (BU Law). This comprehensive, general LLM exemplifies the “BU Law Difference” — a commitment that places tomorrow’s lawyers at the centre of their academic journey. Students receive individualised support from some of the world’s brightest minds, starting before they arrive on campus and throughout their time there. Nothing less is expected of a law school that has it all.

#1 A connected community

BU Law LLM programmes enrol students representing over 46 countries annually, coming from different stages of life and bringing a range of unique experiences. They’re scholars sponsored by governments for specialised studies, in-house attorneys from major international corporations, mid-level associates at prestigious law firms, and recent graduates boasting strong academic profiles and internship experiences. 

Students get to know their fellow classmates through events organised by the Graduate and International Programmes Office that take place throughout the year — think of everything from apple picking in the fall to attending Bruins and Red Sox games. Moments shared here — and at faculty presentations, speakers’ series, court-watching trips, as well as events by BU Law’s over 30 student organisations — often turn into  lifelong connections as a member of the global BU Law network.

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“They spoiled us,” says graduate Nour Ouardani from Tunisia. “It has been such a warm environment since day one. From apple picking to the Philadelphia trip and Thanksgiving dinner, the warmth and generosity struck me each time. The sense of community, sharing and belonging was and is still astonishing!”

Faculty and staff go above and beyond to engage and connect students. Within and outside classrooms, faculty members are always available for students, with many often sharing a meal and staying connected with their students long after they’ve left BU Law.

#2 Expert educators

BU Law ranks 10th in the US for “Best Classroom Experience.” As mentors, BU Law professors exceed traditional teaching, bringing real-world experience into the classroom to enrich learning journeys. Indeed, the LLM in American Law is a priceless opportunity for international attorneys seeking to engage with American legal professionals or pursue a career in the US. Their classes go beyond doctrinal concepts, empowering students to simulate real-world legal scenarios. 

Source: Boston University, School of Law

“Classes are skills-focused and address core professional competencies to provide immediate value, including transactional contracts, effective writing, international due diligence, negotiation, client counselling, alternative dispute resolution, transactional simulations, and many more,” says Professor Maureen Tracy Leo, Director of International Graduate Programmes.

Professors play a pivotal role in helping students transform their learning into application, drawing on their practical insights to bridge the gap between theory and application. Dialogue-based classes further enable international students to integrate seamlessly into American legal culture.

#3 A tailored learning experience

The LLM in American Law is the most flexible of BU Law’s LLM programmes. Faculty members are committed to crafting specialised learning paths that align with student aspirations. Advisors help students identify courses tailored to language competencies and learning styles. “We offer a wide range of LLM courses designed specifically to meet the needs of international law students,” adds Professor Leo. 

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Apart from two foundational courses and participation in a Graduate Colloquium or Professional Skills Lab, the LLM in American Law allows students to pick from an extensive list of first-year classes and over 200 upper-class JD curriculum courses. It also offers formal concentrations in Intellectual Property, International Business Practice, and Tax.

In addition to the LLM in American Law, BU Law offers a Two Year LLM, an LLM in Intellectual Property and Information Law, an LLM in Taxation, an LLM in Banking and Financial Law and a Master in the Study of Tax Law.

#4 Unwavering student support

BU Law is dedicated to ensuring professional goals are not just met but exceeded. Throughout, the LLM Professional Development Office, staffed by former practising attorneys, remains exclusively committed to serving the needs of LLM students.

Full-time career counselling empowers students to make informed decisions about their future professional paths. Those who need additional support can get career development resources and receive guidance with resumes, cover letters, interview preparation, and job search strategies useful within the US and beyond. Access to bar associations provides important updates, network opportunities with law students from other schools, and connections to legal professionals from firms and organisations around Boston.

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Source: Boston University, School of Law

Since many international students seek bar passage, the LLM in American Law programme provides a pathway to eligibility and preparation for a US bar exam. Students can take the requisite bar-related classes and receive comprehensive services to guide them through the process, paving their way to success. “[Professional Development] Info Sessions provided substantive information to navigate the process of taking and preparing for the bar,” says student Zohaib Ali from Pakistan. “I was even guided through the registration process.”

#5 In the heart of Boston

Boston, Massachusetts is an ideal place to be a student. Ranked first in the US in QS Best Student Cities 2024, the city amplifies what BU Law students learn on campus. Here, LLM students can engage with leaders from an array of sectors, from well-known law firms to cutting-edge tech companies. The city provides a backdrop as varied as the legal interests of its global student body. 

Source: Boston University, School of Law

In addition to being a legal hub, Boston is a wonderful place to live too. Students can choose from an eclectic mix of neighbourhoods to reside in — ranging from the historic to the trendy. As one of the oldest cities in the US, Boston boasts a wealth of historical landmarks and sites — from the Freedom Trail to the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. There’s a vibrant arts and entertainment scene, with many theatres, museums, galleries, and music venues worth exploring over the weekend. And despite being a bustling urban centre, Boston is known for its green spaces, providing spaces to relax and recharge amid their academic pursuits.

“What I like most about Boston is the energy,” shares student Tobias Keil from Germany. “The city exudes an atmosphere of progress and change. It is also home to many bright minds who are likely to change the world in a few years or are already doing so. That gives you the motivation to be part of it and to pursue your goals, however high they may be.”

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“International candidates may apply until May 31, 2024, and we will still accept applications after this deadline as space is available. However, due to the lengthy visa application process, we strongly encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible. Candidates applying from the US or do not require a visa and those applying to our online programs can apply by July 31, 2024.”

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