5 reasons to study business and management at Aalborg University
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According to The Independent, business graduates are more likely to be employed three months after graduating than students from other industries, giving business hopefuls worldwide plenty of reason to delve into this exciting field.

In an increasingly competitive employment market, prospective students need to ensure the careers they hope to pursue will still be in-demand once they graduate. For prospective business students, it’s certainly good news, since a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) shows that business graduates are incredibly sought-after, with last year’s most in-demand degrees citing subjects like Business Administration/Management, Economics and Marketing.

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So, for those of you who have an interest in creating new products and services, a degree in this field will help you bring those ideas to fruition. But if you’re still not sure exactly what you want to do, it’s worth noting that a degree in this field can lead to a number of exciting opportunities in different industries. So where better to pursue your education than at a university that employs a unique teaching model, giving students the chance to apply theory to real-life situations?

Intrigued to know more? Here are 5 reasons to study business and management at Aalborg University

1. Study in Europe’s happiest town

According to a survey by the European Commission, Aalborg has been named the happiest city in Europe, beating popular locations like Amsterdam, Stockholm and even Copenhagen.  The study reports that 72 percent of residents in Aalborg were “satisfied” with their quality of life, while 96 percent reported feeling comfortable and safe in the city. Denmark’s fourth-largest city is home to everything you could possibly want or need, from stylish restaurants to great retail outlets and charming cafes. But that’s not all it has to offer – the city is also rich in Viking and Renaissance history which you can learn all about by visiting the popular Lindholm Høje Museum at the weekend.

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2. It boasts an extensive academic curriculum

Since 1974, the University has provided academic excellence, cultural engagement and personal development within all fields, including the reputed Department of Business and Management. At Aalborg, students study at the International Business Centre (IBC), comprising of academic staff from various countries, all of whom specialise in teaching and research around international business and marketing. The School of Business and Economics offers a Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration, as well as a top-up programme for those enrolled as guest students for a number of semesters.

And if you’re thinking of furthering your studies after your degree, the Department also offers many leading Master’s programmes, including: Innovation Management; Innovation, Knowledge and Economic Dynamics; Innovation, Knowledge and Entrepreneurial Dynamics; International Business Economics; and International Marketing, plus a semester programme in Creative Genius and New Venture Creation.

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3. It’s home to the Aalborg Model for Problem Based Learning (PBL)

As a unique study strategy developed by the university, the PBL method is highly-respected nationally and internationally. Seeking to meet current societal and educational demands, the PBL model teaches students to work analytically in order to solve problems. Through this method of teaching, students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to work independently as well as on a team, giving them the expertise needed to thrive in the complex working world. Plus, the PBL model requires students to work with the business community to solve real issues the industry faces, thus building their portfolio and experience at the same time.

4. Strong links with industry

The School of Business and Economics believes students deserve hands-on business experience, granting them a definite edge in a competitive job market. The university’s strong links with industry allows students to put theory into practice by undertaking studies based on the PBL model. The study method requires students to identify real-life problems faced by modern business before implementing a multidisciplinary approach to help solve these issues. The integrated company project is conducted in the course’s fifth semester.

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Previous students from Aalborg have gone for traineeship at companies in Denmark or around the world, including in the U.S., UK, China, Australia and Europe. For students who find it difficult to secure a placement, Aalborg’s career services are available to guide you through the process.

5. Aalborg guarantees a memorable student experience

Moving to a new city or country can be a little overwhelming, so the least the institution can do is offer an adventure of a lifetime. With Aalborg University, you won’t just gain an elite education, you’ll have an unforgettable student experience in one of Europe’s total treasures. And if you’re feeling a little homesick during your first month, there’s a heap of activities specially-designed to help you make friends. The school runs several  programmes where students can meet like-minded people, including The Coffee Spot, where students can chat over coffee and bond over a board game.

For those who are feeling a little shy, the University also has a popular Buddy Network Programme to help international students transition to life in Denmark. Christina Etler, a current student at the University, shares how the Buddy Network helps new students make friends. “A fellow student from your project group, your buddy or someone you met at one of the numerous activities at campus might be a friend for life”.

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So, for those of you who are keen to pursue a career in business, look no further than Aalborg University. With a unique study model and strong links within the industry, there’s no better place to kick-start your career.

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