5 online tools to kickstart your study abroad adventure in the UK
A group of students search through a street map on a smartphone application. Pic: Shutterstock

As any international student would know, even as the dust from the airplane settles and they’ve finally reached their chosen study destination, their journey into the unknown is far from over.

The operative word here is ‘new’ – the transition from the home you grew up in to a brand new place in a foreign country is exciting, but it can be daunting without the right tools.

With this in mind, in conjunction with the Study UK: Discover You Malaysia March 2017 Exhibition to be held in Kuala Lumpur next week, British Airways has compiled this list of top five online tools to help you kickstart your UK study abroad adventure on the right foot:

1. UK Bus Checker

This app allows you to get instant, up-to-date arrival information for every bus from any of the UK’s 300,000 bus stops. Save more time for precious shut-eye and no more sprinting down the road then finding the bus is ten minutes away.


2. City Mapper

Get the shortest and most hassle-free journey by finding out which transport modes to take, combine and how much it will all cost. When you are rushing for lectures, track live tube lines and bus times to get you to the lecture hall ASAP.


3. British Airways

With all the long breaks and holidays in between semesters, one of the best time to travel is when you are a young student – so make the most of it! Combine cheap travel options like buses and trains, with flight deals from British Airways’s website to go to more than 190 destinations in 80 countries.


4. Hungry House

It can be hard navigating a new city during your first few days. But a girl’s (and boy) gotta eat – so use this app to grab some grub and fill those stomachs (Indian, Chinese or pizza, anyone?). Just enter your postcode, pick a restaurant & order and wait for some good food to arrive.


5. UK Museums

The UK has over 200 museums located in it – you are sure to find one close to your new university. If you’re studying at the University of Bristol or University of the West of England, Bristol, the SS Great Britain’s museum ship and Arnolfini’s Centre for Contemporary Arts by the harbourside makes for a great visit.


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