Take note: Top 5 most loved and hated college courses
Some classes bring joy. Others, not so much. Source: Shutterstock

Not all subjects are created equal. Some inspire students enough to make them happily attend 8am classes, while others incite disdain and swear words at all times of day.

In CollegeStats’ new survey, the college database website surveyed 500 undergrad and post-grad students to discover and rank once and for all which classes students loved and hated the most.


1. Psychology

Scoring top marks for enjoyment, students also report having¬†among lowest levels of stress for their psychology classes despite having to put in the time to study it. Now, that’s commitment.

2. History

We may have Donald Trump to thank for this. Since elected president, there has been a surge in interest in the subject by students (as seen in this Google Trends chart here), who like the rest of us, is asking: “How did this happen?”.

3. Biology


Not only do students say they enjoy the classes, the starting salaries for biology majors are also among the highest in the country, according to a Michigan State University’s Collegiate Employment Research Institute (CERI) report.

4. English

Students get to analyse Kobe Bryant’s retirement poetry “Dear Basketball”, and create a Twitter account that mashes up Britney Spears and Caravaggio. What’s not to love?

5. Abnormal psychology


It’s the branch of psychology that dives into the unusual, from behaviour to emotion and thoughts, that could lead to a mental disorder. Again,¬†Donald Trump’s presidency¬†may or may not have played a part in this course’s popularity.


1. Calculus 

No surprises here. Students reported high levels of stress for the class which requires high time commitment as well.

2. Biology

It’s a subject that includes anatomy, neuroscience, and genetics. No wonder It’s known to be one of the¬†‚Äúhardest‚ÄĚ majors with one of the lowest average GPAs.

3. Chemistry

A lot of stress and time go into learning those formulas. Enjoyment? Nearly half the score of Psychology.

4. English


Looks like college students love and hate the subject equally.

5. Statistics


“There are three kinds of¬†lies:¬†lies,¬†damned lies, and¬†statistics,” goes the quote made popular by Mark Twain and attributed to¬†British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. For college students, statistics classes seem more like “Pain, damned pain and statistics”.

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