6 fashion trends students are rocking in Sydney
Fashion knows no boundary at Australia's Fashion Week. Source: Reuters/Steven Saphore

Earlier this week, fashion magazine i-d published its photographic collaboration titled “Class of 2017”, capturing student style in the Land Down Under’s biggest city.

A pattern can be gleaned from the students photographed and interviewed – multiculturalism is the city’s strength and a source of sartorial inspiration for its youth. Or the opposite, depending on who you ask.

“It’s extremely culturally diverse, so there’s a great mix of eclecticism,” Architecture student, Jake, 20, said.

Samantha, 21, said Sydney’s diverse style boils down to “access and culture, not only physically but educationally”, though some had radically opposite views.

But for Kenneth Pan, who studies fashion and textiles design, Australia’s biggest city is “too far away” and has far too few labels, causing city dwellers to suffer from a culture that’s lacking in craftsmanship and options in dressing.

Pan describes Sydney’s style as “flaccid with fruitful potential.”

Regardless of what you subscribe to, when it comes to campus fashion, it’s always fun, if not slaying.

Here are six top trends students say are taking over Australian campuses now:

1. Raw hems and frayed jeans



2. Bag charms


3. Chains


4. Camouflage



5. Jewellery by Danielle Karlikoff.


6. Earrings


What’s your favourite?

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