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US reality TV star Kim Kardashian with rapper Kanye West (back) and their daughter North West on April 9, 2015 pose with local residents near the Geghard Monastery in Armenia. Source: Karen Minasyan/AFP

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian have the financial resources to invest in their child’s education via private schooling, and her eldest daughter North West is reaping the benefits. The school North West attends is reportedly the Sierra Canyon School, a preparatory co-ed day school for pupils from pre-kindergarten through to 12th grade.

Kardashian has never revealed the name of the school her eldest daughter attends, but photo evidence of the uniform North West sports while on school grounds, coupled with Kanye West’s remarks about his kids attending “Sierra Canyon school”, which was published by the Mirror, suggest they do.

So, what makes this particular institution the choice of A-list celebrities to send their kids to? Let’s explore five interesting facts about the school.

Five interesting facts about the school North West attends

International students are welcomed

The Sierra Canyon School accepts international students for its unique curriculum catered for students from an international background from grades seven through 12. The school’s faculty members ensure that students from a non-American background have a seamless transition into the school and the American culture.

International students learn quickly and thrive in the challenging academic programmes offered at Sierra Canyon School. Due to the rigour and guidance they receive, international students graduate with the essential skills and qualifications to earn them a place at some of the top universities in the US or abroad. International students can participate in various athletics programmes too.

Where aspiring filmmakers get feedback from industry professionals

Sierra Canyon School has an annual spring event called the Sierra Canyon Film Festival. Student films are showcased — whether it be from high school to collegiate school, and students with the best films receive recognition and awards.

The film festival is held by Sierra Canyon students as well as the Visual Arts Department instructors in an attempt to honour aspiring filmmakers with the recognition they deserve for the graft, time and talent they put into making a film.

That’s not all. The school adds that the Sierra Canyon Film Festival offers aspiring young filmmakers the opportunity to have their films screened on a Hollywood studio lot and to get feedback from an industry professional and a large audience of first-time viewers.

The event also gives students a chance to grow their networking list.

They have their own signature programmes

The school has a unique range of signature programmes that sets it apart from other institutions. Through its character education programme students are immersed in an environment that emphasises and values character development, nurturing them to be well-rounded individuals.

Its service-learning programmes are project-based, providing experiential learning opportunities to students from as early as grade seven, through community service activities with non-profit agencies.

The result of participating in such programmes is rewarding to both the personal and professional growth of students as they develop lifelong skills and are empowered to see the significant impact they can have in the community as they learn the valuable habits of being productive volunteers.

Sierra Canyon School helps students get into their dream school

The school’s college counselling programme guides parents and students alike through every step of the college admission process — from as early as their sophomore year.

Students are assigned to an expert college counsellor who accesses their capabilities and dreams to make most beneficial and thoughtful choices to help them get into their dream college or university.

Their graduates have gone on to study at prestigious institutions such as Harvard and Stanford!

The school North West attends is the choice of many celebrity parents too


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Attending the school North West goes to also entails studying with the kids of some of the biggest movers and shakers in the entertainment world.

Many celebrity parents send their children to the school — these include Jamie Foxx, LeBron James, Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, Scottie Pippen and Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith.