Feng Shui techniques for your dorm room
As a student, you may apply simple yet effective Feng Shui techniques to your dorm room to improve your state of being. Source: Sam Wasson/Getty Images/AFP

Are you a student who has picked up a bad habit of hoarding items, or even throwing your laundry all over your student room hence, leaving them in a cluttered mess? Perhaps what you need is to be enlightened with some simple yet effective Feng Shui techniques to create harmony and order in your student room.

For the skeptics of Feng Shui — applying it does not mean that you compromise your beliefs or believe in superstition. Rather, you’ll be using a set of principles acquired through amassing knowledge in the study of energy. The literal translation of Feng is “wind” and Shui means “water.” The two elements work together to create “chi”  a vital energy that flows through or inhabits living things.

Good Feng Shui techniques avoid constricting or misdirecting the flow of “chi.” Such “chi”-friendly zones can help to improve your studies, stress, creativity, and relationships. Here are five Feng Shui techniques you can try:

5 best ways to apply Feng Shui techniques to your student room

Position your bed correctly

If you have been sleeping with your feet facing the door or find yourself turning your head to talk to your dorm mates as they stand by your bedroom door, then it’s time to change your bed position as these are inauspicious positions to be sleeping in.

Ensure the headboard of your bed is against a wall. When you are sleeping, ensure that you do not have turn your head to view the bedroom door. Your feet should not face the bedroom door and you should avoid placing your bed directly under a beam or window too.

If the layout of your dorm room makes it impossible to change your bed position, then consider placing a screen, fake partition, a piece of furniture or a shawl behind your bed’s headboard to provide extra “cushioning.”

Feng Shui techniques for dorm room

Getting rid of clutter in your student room can help free your mind and open you up to new ideas and experiences. Source: Ina Fassbender/AFP

Clear the clutter

To promote better chi within your student room, clear the clutter. Start by getting rid of old clothes, books, papers, files or anything that you no longer need from your dorm room. This will help positive “chi” to circulate better, promote a warm and inviting feeling every time you enter your room and  improve your productivity, happiness and peace of mind.

Don’t forget to remove sharp objects from your study space too, as this is believed to eliminate another form of bad energy.

Get your study table to the right spot

To reap the maximum benefits from your study sessions, it is advisable that you follow these guidelines:

  • Your back should be supported by a solid wall
  • Ensure that your study table does not face the entryway (your bedroom door), the windows or the wall directly
  • Avoid placing your study table directly under a beam.
  • Do not position your study table in the middle of the room.
  • Your back should not face the windows.

While it is impossible to fulfil all of the criteria given above, being able to fulfil some of the criteria mentioned above could create a healthier and more balanced environment for you to study in.

If your study table has been fixed to face a bedroom wall, check out these Feng Shui remedies to mitigate potential harmful effects on your productivity and health.

Brighten up

Keep your room brightly lit during the day by allowing sunlight into it. If your room does not have a window, then purchase a salt or bright lamp, or hang a brightly-coloured poster or tapestries.

Light helps to get your creative juices flowing and improve your productivity.

Add some colour

One of the many good Feng Shui techniques you can follow to lift your mood is to use different colour schemes in your room to create certain moods.

“Warm colours” such as red, orange or yellow are stimulating and exciting. “Cool colours” such as purple, blue and green give off a more relaxing feeling. It is best to apply warm colours for your study desk and cool colours for your bed. This helps you feel more energetic.