485 visa
International graduates of Australian universities can be on the 485 visa while they apply for permanent residency. Source: Shutterstock

The Australian government is expected to modify requirements for the 485 visa that grants international graduates temporary stay in the country after graduating.

There are two streams under this visa subclass: the Graduate Work Stream and the Post-Study Work Stream. The Graduate Work Stream applies to foreign graduates with the skills and qualifications Australia needs. On the other hand, you must have a degree from an Australian institution to apply for the Post-Study Work Stream.

For the purpose of this article, we are referring only to the Post-Study Work Stream.

485 visa

There are two subclasses to the 485 visa for international graduates; they are differentiated by place of graduation. Source: Shutterstock

What is the 485 visa in Australia?

Graduates under the Post-Study Work Stream can live, study and work in Australia for up to four years after graduating, as long as they find their own employment. They can also bring immediate family members to stay with them.

“The Post-Study Work Stream visa is a highly sought-after visa amongst international graduates who wish to extend their stay Down Under for gaining local work experience or working on a pathway towards their permanent residency,” migration agent Ranbir Singh told SBS.

According to the Department of Home Affairs, the length of your stay will depend on the level of your Australian study qualification. For example, bachelor’s holders get two years while PhD holders get four.

As this is a temporary visa, you cannot extend it. You can, however, use this time to work on finding solid employment that will allow you to apply for permanent residency.

485 visa

Sunset hues fall on the landmark Sydney Opera House as a man jogs on Circular Quay, usually packed with tourists, in Sydney on June 16, 2020. Source: Saeed Khan/AFP

Am I eligible?

You must meet all criteria below to qualify for the 485 visa.

Check further details on the official website.

Post-study work visa updated for COVID-19?

According to a spokesperson from Department of Home Affairs, the Australian government is working closely with universities to try and limit the impact of COVID-19 on international students.

This includes those who are in Australia and those who can’t enter the country due to the closure of international borders. The latter comprises 20% of Australia’s international student population.

“What the department has said through various channels quite recently is they are going to count online study and there is going to be some sort of a facility so that students do not miss out on graduate visa if they are stuck overseas six months after the completion of their course,” migration lawyer Ben Watt told CBS.

Stay tuned to Study International for updates on the 485 visa. You could soon be on your way towards obtaining permanent residency in Australia.

See a step-by-step application guideline here.

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