4 ways students can maximise baggage allowance for travel overseas
With these top hacks you'll have plenty of space. Source: Shutterstock

Packing up your whole life to start university can be stressful – but by maximising your baggage allowance with these savvy travel hacks, you can save money and bring your home comforts with you.

1) Put your heaviest items in your hand luggage

The annoying weight restrictions on your check-in bags can seem limiting unless you’re willing to pay extra – but why not put the heaviest things in your hand luggage instead?

Your hand luggage is usually not weighed, so as long as it fits in with the size dimensions you should be fine. Shoes, pictures and other bulky items should fit in a pull-along case, meaning lighter items can fill your the luggage you check-in.

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This allows you to maximise space and ensures you can bring as much as possible along to your new home.

2) Don’t go with a super budget airline

Cheap flights may be tempting, but budget airlines often make their money from surcharges after the ticket.

You’ll likely have to pay extra for check-in bags, and since you’re bringing your entire life with you, this can quickly become costly.

Instead, go for a recognised airline for short or long-haul flights and check the baggage allowance before you buy your ticket. This way you can check the cost of the entire journey, rather than just the seat alone.

It may cost you more upfront, but at least you’ll be able to budget for this rather than be hit with last minute hidden costs.

3) Pack wisely

There are lots of clever packing hacks to help you make the most of your baggage allowance – and these are crucial to really maximising your allowance at no extra cost.

There is the classic ‘rolling technique’ where you simply roll all your clothes tightly to save space, as well as more creative ways like these packing hacks.

For non-foldable items like pictures, shoes and other home comforts, it’s time to practice your Tetris skills. Try and pack them like a jigsaw puzzle and utilise all the space you have. Small items like socks and underwear can serve as bubble wrap for delicate items and ensure no space is wasted.

4) Check how many bags you’re allowed on board

You’re often allowed to take a carry-on bag as well as a pull along case as hand luggage. Exploiting this means you can pretty much double your hand luggage allowance.

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Rather than pay to upgrade for more check-in allowance, you can spread extra possessions between your hand-luggage. Be sure to put the heaviest things in the pull along case so you’re not carrying a heavy bag through the airport – and this means you can keep your in-flight necessities right beside you.

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