4 world-class UK universities for the MBA

MBA programmes are among the most popular courses that international students choose to study abroad. Studying for an MBA in a thriving city allows students to immerse themselves in business hubs that offer invaluable networking opportunities.

With many MBA programmes offering integrated work experience and internship placements as part of the course structure, studying in a city like London grants students access to hands-on work which not only looks impressive on their CV, but also gives them real-world experience and insights into the industry.

It also provides global exposure and a unique international perspective, both highly sought-after attributes for employers today, especially among business graduates.The sheer number of online MBA programmes offered today provides flexibility to students who can’t afford to take time off from work or family to pursue their Masters degree.

Source: Aston Business School

An MBA can often lead to better job prospects, higher salaries and career growth, promising a strong return on investment. It also equips students with the relevant skills needed to be a competitive player in the business industry, such as critical thinking, analytical, management and leadership skills. According to Forbes, international students are increasingly looking towards the United Kingdom for their MBA – especially those from Asia.

“Prospective students in East and South East Asia now prefer the United Kingdom over the US as a study destination by a margin of nearly six to one, with 28% indicating their preference for a UK school and only 5% for a [programme] in the US.”

As a country synonymous with quality education and a thriving, diverse business industry, not to mention its location as a central hub in Europe, it’s no wonder that more international students are choosing to pursue an MBA in the UK.

Here are four great UK universities where international students can flourish while studying an MBA.


Entrepreneurship and innovation are critical to the future of global business. With an unrivalled track record of working with high growth SMEs, Aston University is the perfect environment in which to hone your entrepreneurial thinking. Aston University’s central and strategic location in the heart of Birmingham allows full-time on-campus students to enjoy excellent transport links to London and the rest of the country.

Here, business students benefit from studying in the most entrepreneurial regional city outside of London. Aston students can opt for a full-time or online MBA at Aston Business School with multiple business pathways. As one of the world’s top programmes, having ranked in Tier 1 of CEO Magazine’s Global MBA Ranking 2019, and with Aston featuring in the global top 100 universities for business and management (QS World Subject Rankings 2019), the full-time programme grants students a career-focused, tailored MBA experience.

Source: Aston Business School

The online MBA rankings are even more impressive, placed 12th in the world by CEO Magazine’s Global MBA Ranking 2019, and top 20 in the QS Distance Learning MBA rankings 2018.

The Aston MBA fosters a highly practical and experiential approach to learning, allowing students to work on real-life consultancy projects to develop skills needed to become innovative thinkers.The course is also strategically-focused and flexible; students can tailor it to their personal interests and professional aspirations, helping them achieve their ambitions.

The online MBA helps working professionals develop advanced managerial skills, also enhancing their strategic thinking and decision-making capabilities – ideal for those ready to take the next step in their careers.


The MBA programme at the University of Edinburgh Business School includes an integrated professional development and personal coaching programme, supporting students on their journey to become successful business leaders.

The programme is designed to prepare graduates for global challenges, helping them develop personal and leadership capabilities.

Graduates are known as innovative business leaders, capable of navigating dynamic business landscapes rife with competition and rapid technological development in the future.

Source: University of Edinburgh

Through the programme, students deepen their knowledge in how business and markets work, how value is created through innovation and marketing, how businesses are financed, how strategies are crafted, and other important business facets.

The school also develops students’ ability to think strategically by applying skills training and professional development opportunities. As collaboration with the business community lies at the heart of the school’s approach, students also benefit and learn from past research and work done with the corporate sector in myriad ways.


At this university, students accelerate their careers with the world-ranked MBA programme at  Bath School of Management.

Ranked No.4 in The Economist’s Which MBA 2018 rankings,  students learn from leading faculty and work with different organisations to develop transferable skills.The programme combines the latest teaching and learning techniques with practical experience to ensure graduates achieve their career goals. Here, students benefit from small group sizes of approximately 51 students per class, allowing them to enjoy more interaction and form closer relationships with their peers and lecturers.

With practical experience in the form of project work and focus on soft skills training, students here develop the relevant skills sought by employers. Each student completes five diverse projects during their MBA, and they also get multiple opportunities for networking through company visits, regular business speakers, and an optional paid internship.


At Southampton Business School, the full-time MBA gives students the knowledge and confidence to stand out in the rapidly-evolving business world and the ability to think innovatively.

With a focus on leading people and organisations to face the critical challenges of sustainability, innovation and change in today’s volatile environment, the programme requires students to apply cutting-edge thinking to real business problems.

Source: Southampton Business School

This is done through research, international study trips, ‘live’ client consultancy and other types of exposure to business leaders and companies. All MBA students must complete a business project where they will be assigned to an individual advisor to provide them with support and practical experience. They can choose between either a Generalist Pathway or two Specialist Pathways, namely the Entrepreneurship Pathway and the Maritime Pathway, with this MBA programme.

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