Marymount Manhattan College Source: Facebook
Marymount Manhattan College Source: Facebook

When it comes to a unique education, there’s no greater one on offer than that of a liberal arts college. Traditionally, these colleges are designed to encourage you to reach your full potential — prioritising personal growth alongside academic progress.

Ultimately, though, an education at a liberal arts college is indispensable in creating future leaders who can anticipate, solve and prevent problems to improve the human and global condition. Mark Montgomery, founder and CEO of Great College Advice, explains it to US News and World Report best:

“The goal is to become broadly educated, well-rounded members of society that can understand lots of different domains of knowledge, learn how to learn and have a specialisation of sorts.” He adds that such colleges emphasise enlightenment over simple academics: “‘Liberal’ means freedom – freedom of the mind.”

In this, there are many US colleges that specialise in this particular brand of education. They have a stellar track record of producing graduates that are highly sought-after in the job market and a stable upwards career growth long-term. This is specifically due to such colleges’ ability to create graduates with the flexibility to enter into high-skill, high-demand careers — many of which contribute to the wider world around them.

Here are four US colleges that will prepare you to become a motivated, responsible and global leader in your field:

Marymount Manhattan College

Located in one of the best neighbourhoods of New York City, Marymount Manhattan College is made for the student looking to grow as an intellectual as well as an individual. Here, students live and learn on the Upper East Side, which is always bustling with activity as the global centreplace for culture, business and finance. It’s the perfect space to discover your interests as an academic before evolving into a thriving young adult.

At Marymount Manhattan College, you are in control of your own education. Enjoy the opportunity to learn and gain skills across over 100 major and minor offerings, which you can mix and match according to your own interests. Tailor your learning the way you want it, all whilst benefiting from attending a diverse and fully-accredited US college respected by organisations and institutions nationwide.

Attending Marymount Manhattan College gives you the chance to gain exposure to the wider professional world, as well. Students are particularly well-placed to network and secure internships with major global companies and institutions, many of which have headquarters in New York City. Need extra help? The college’s robust Career Development team is always available to offer guidance in charting out the course of every student’s future prospects.

All the while, students benefit from living in a city that’s constantly changing and developing. At MMC, New York City is your campus; Central Park is your backyard, Broadway is your entertainment, and weekend plans centre around exploring the many museums, cafes, and exhibitions that pop up. However, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. Throughout your studies, expect to benefit from Marymount Manhattan College’s dedicated Campus Safety Department, which is committed to providing a secure living and learning environment. New York City never sleeps, there’s always something happening — and you’ll be in the centre of it all. Click here to learn more about Marymount Manhattan College and submit your free application today. Every admitted student receives a guaranteed US$10,000 scholarship, and there is also a US$500 visit grant for those who complete one of their campus tours.

Anna Maria College

Anna Maria College

Anna Maria College prepares students for real-life career preparation through robust online and on-ground majors and programmes. Source: Anna Maria College Facebook

A dynamic, close-knit community, bold and innovative thinkers, and one-on-one mentorship — this is what differentiates an education at Anna Maria College. Here, students are treated to a liberal arts education with real-life career preparation, benefiting from both on-ground and online undergraduate majors and graduate and certificate programmes that shape their outlook as academics and future global leaders.

At Anna Maria, students are treated as professionals-in-training from the moment they step foot through its doors. Its small student-to-faculty ratio means that every student can benefit from one-on-one mentorship and a personalised learning experience. At the same time, Anna Maria’s modest class and campus sizes provide plenty of opportunities for student collaboration — and the chance to make lifelong friendships along the way.

Its location in Paxton, Massachusetts means students get to enjoy a blend of a college campus interspersed with a dynamic, exciting city life. Anna Maria is a short drive to Boston, Cape Cod, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island — each with their own varied offerings of entertainment, networking, and cultural diversity.

Simpson College

Simpson College

Simpson College blends the best of a tranquil campus life with an exciting city environment. Source: Simpson College Facebook

In the Midwest, inhabitants are generally known for having “moderately high levels of extraversion, agreeableness, and conscientiousness” — a characteristic that has earned the region the title of being America’s ‘Heartland’. It’s here where Simpson College resides, attracting students from far and wide through its friendly and inviting doors.

As the only private college in Iowa, Simpson College is known for providing a quality liberal arts education that translates to future-focused, career-ready graduates. Much of this has to do with not only the college’s high standard of academic excellence — which has been agreed upon by students themselves — but for its unique ‘exploreships’. Here, you’re put in the centre of real-world situations where you can explore your interests, define your career path and gain transferable skills. It’s no wonder, then, that a Simpsons degree translates to a 98.6% employment or enrolment rate within six months of graduation.

Life outside college is just as exciting. Indianola and Des Moines are on every student’s doorstep, making for weekend trips to see world-renowned performances, shopping excursions, and art exhibitions. It’s certainly an ideal institution for the wide-eyed and curious intellectual.

Morehouse College

Morehouse College

Morehouse College is the number one producer of Rhodes Scholars among HBCUs. Source: Morehouse College Facebook

Morehouse College is one of four all-male colleges in the US, making for a tailored experience that caters to the strengths of influential and innovative men in the country and worldwide. It’s been ranked the best liberal arts college or university in Georgia, #1 producer of Rhodes Scholars among HBCUs, and #1 producer of black men who go on to earn doctorates — speaking of its excellence in academic calibre and individual development.

Much of this has to do with the college’s approach to educating responsible, respectable and ambitious young men who will contribute to the betterment of society. The college is  divided into seven academic divisions, each led by world-class facility members that are committed to the mentorship and guidance of every student’s academic journey. Programmes are similarly designed to be inherently interdisciplinary — ensuring an education for the 21st century critical thinker.

Campus life at Morehouse is characterised by a residential college experience that is bursting with energy and inclusion. Men from all over the world gather at the Atlanta University Centre Consortium — made up of Morehouse College, the Morehouse School of Medicine, Clark Atlanta, and Spelman College.