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Kaplan Business School is excited to be extending its national footprint to Perth, with the opening of its fifth Australian campus in July 2020!

Kaplan Business School has a long and successful history of delivering programmes in Perth and the new campus location will provide students with the opportunity to study with a truly national institution. Plus, Perth is a city that offers some great benefits as a study destination that you may not be aware of.

Kaplan Business School Perth (KBS Perth) will offer postgraduate business administration and business analytics courses, such as its flagship MBA programme that contains seven popular specialisations. Students can start online now and continue their studies on campus once the current travel restrictions are lifted.

KBS Perth has many things in store for students who might be interested in a move to this sunny Western state. From a high quality of life to world-class education, here are the unique benefits of studying with KBS Perth:

  1. Central location in a well-connected city

With the launch of the new campus, KBS has become the only non-university higher education provider in Perth to offer master’s degrees in business to international students.

Kaplan Business School

Source: Kaplan Business School

That means you can now access a world-class master’s degree, in a city that shares a time zone with 60% of the world’s population (plus or minus 2 hours). For some international students, this will mean a shorter flight back home or for friends and family to visit, compared to any other Australian state’s capital city.

And unlike some other Western Australian universities, the KBS Perth campus is located just a 10-minute free bus ride from the city centre. That means the convenience of being able to study, live and work close to the city centre, without the hassle of a long commute.

  1. Industry and employment opportunities

Rich in natural resources, Perth’s history centres around mining booms, most recently in 2010-12. This has attracted the largest concentration of global resources companies in the country, including the likes of BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto, and some of the world’s highest-profile finance, banking and consultancy firms, including Sachs, KPMG and Deloitte.

This strong corporate presence provides plenty of networking, work experience and career opportunities for students in Perth across a range of industries.

KBS students are also supported with their employment aspirations through services including Careers Central, which provides access to Academic Internships and networking opportunities. In fact, one in three KBS students placed in an Academic Internship were offered ongoing employment (between November 2018 and June 2019).

Kaplan Business School

Source: Kaplan Business School

There is an extensive network of employer partnerships in Perth — developed by a dedicated team of Career Advisors — to help students achieve their personal career goals, too.

  1. Graduate opportunities

Did you know Perth is considered a regional centre which has certain benefits for post-study work visas? You can click here for more information on how this can help broaden your options after completing your studies.

KBS graduates are successful graduates. KBS has an impressive postgraduate employment rate in the period immediately following graduation and graduates receive approximately 20% higher postgraduate starting salaries than the sector average.

At KBS, students have access to a lifelong alumni programme as part of the Careers Central service. That means you can access networking and work opportunities, as well as career advice, even after you graduate!

  1. Supportive and multicultural community

Perth is one of Australia’s most multicultural cities.

Demographic data shows that only 34.7% of people in Perth were born in Australia. It’s this diversity that helps provide a warm, welcoming and supportive environment for international students.

Kaplan Business School

Source: Kaplan Business School

It’s also something that’s reflected in KBS classrooms, with students represented from over 80 nationalities. This makes for a unique learning environment for socialising, networking and enhancing your cultural awareness.

Moving to a new city or country and starting a new course can be a little daunting. How supported you feel becomes a big part of your overall experience as a student.

In a recent Federal Government survey of more than 200,000 students, Kaplan Business School ranked higher than every public university in Australia on the metric of student support and quality of education experience.

That’s an achievement KBS is extremely proud of, and for new students in Perth, it means you can be confident that your wellbeing will always be a top priority.

Kaplan Business School clearly understands and embraces this need for support and has dedicated Student Experience teams in place that can help you with any question or challenge you might have.

Sounds like a study destination and education experience you might want to learn more about, right? Click here for more information on the new KBS campus location in Perth or the range of MBA or Business Analytics courses!

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