4 tips for travelling during the busy holiday season
Travelling during the holidays can be less stressful if you follow these tips. Source: Erik Odiin/Unsplash

The holiday season is synonymous with travel. Time off means a high volume of people wanting to see friends and families, near and far.

Similarly, December is a busy time for travel – airports and shopping malls are packed with people while adding to your stress levels is the soaring cost of flights, buses and trains, as well as accommodation.

If you, like thousands of others, are travelling this busy season, it pays to arm yourself with some tips to help you survive this hectic period.

Here are some tips to make your travels less stressful:

Allocate extra time for travel

Expect the unexpected and leave home earlier to avoid unexpected delays. Source: Shutterstock

The road, airport and train stations will be choked with people, which means you’ll need to allocate more time for travel.

So expect the unexpected – from road accidents that can cause gridlock on the highway to excruciatingly long check-in lines at the airport. Leave earlier than originally planned to safeguard yourself from missing your ride, which can add to your stress levels.

Pack your patience

Being patient and keeping your cool is a must when travelling during the holiday season. Source: Shutterstock

Numerous things will test your patience when travelling during peak season – a crying baby on the plane, noisy children running around malls or public places, inexperienced travellers holding up the queue, or dealing with family members who may be bunking with you during the holiday season.

But keep calm – keep your headphones with your favourite tracks close to hand to mellow your mood. Chant your mantra. Lower your expectations – everyone wants to reach their destination quickly but so do thousands of others. Step aside and take a deep breath – the holiday season doesn’t last forever, after all.

Arm yourself with entertainment

Time passes quickly when you’re having fun. Source: Shutterstock

Travelling during peak season can mean long waiting times, whether on public transit or at the airport, which can be frustrating.  

To help you pass the time more quickly, consider bringing some form of entertainment with you. Download games on your phone, bring a book to read or have some movies ready to watch on your laptop.

You’ll feel less impatient when you have some entertainment to help you pass the time.

Carry snacks with you

Carry snacks to keep your hunger pangs at bay. Source: Shutterstock

Avoid being a hangry traveller by packing some snacks and water with you, if permitted.

You’ll never know when you might get stranded – be it a bus, a train or even a delay to your flight, snacks will give you the energy needed to hang on in.  

Consider packing snacks such as dried fruits, nuts or hardboiled eggs as they will keep you full for longer and are easy to pack.

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