In this day and age, being able to hold a conversation in English can open many doors, both professionally and personally. It could even be the key to helping you achieve your goals.

English is especially useful for your professional future, as companies are now more than ever looking for candidates with a high level of English (widely considered as the language of business), both at a speaking and grammatical level. That’s why many students make the decision of investing in a good English course that fits into their degree plans and gives them the skills and knowledge to be able to stand out professionally once on the job market.

There are a host of respected universities offering comprehensive language training to all international students, such as the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK). The vibrant and diverse English Language Institute (ELI) at UNK provides good quality, top-dollar English Language and American Culture programs that represent excellent value for money.

If you’re thinking about improving your English skills to help you with your future education plans and to increase your employability, read on to find our 4 top reasons why you should consider UNK for the experience of your life!

1. The ELI community at UNK is a diverse cultural melting pot, in a traditional American setting…

UNK is a pretty small state university with around 6,700 students, but nearly 500 of these students derive from far-reaching parts of the world, meaning the school’s ELI community is an enriching cultural melting pot. The English Language Institute, a part of the Office of International Education, welcomes students from around the world to become part of a dynamic, student-centered institution.

The Institute is entirely dedicated to the provision of an outstanding education in a small and inclusive setting. Despite being small, UNK leaves a lasting impression, transforming a global mix of students into a tight-knit community of friends.

Also, those who choose to study English in Nebraska have the advantage of the state’s accent, or better, of the lack of it. In Nebraska, people speak what can be called a standard English, meaning that it is not influenced by regional accents such as the ones in New York, California or Florida. It is the English used by the national news media and television. This makes learning it and understanding the locals much easier, whilst giving students the opportunity to experience the traditional state culture.

2. You receive high-quality tuition at a truly affordable rate…

What’s that you say? English Language training that represents great value? Yep, it really is what we like to call a win!

UNK’s English Language students spend 20-hours per week in classes organized around essential reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, while honing in on the grammar we sometimes forget. Classes are small and personal, with an average of just 12 students in every group, and students are tested on the very first day so instructors can tailor the course to specific learning needs.

All ELI students get this, plus access to state-of-the-art University facilities, including the library, computer centers, health centers, recreation areas, cafeterias and all other campus amenities, for what’s pretty much the most manageable rate in the Nebraska university landscape.

3. The UNK environment boasts beauty & sustainability…

UNK is committed to creating a safe, secure, welcoming, inclusive and nurturing environment in which students can learn and grow. The stunning campus is comprised of 515 acres, with more than 48 buildings including classrooms, labs, residence halls, and athletic venues.

UNK has now completed the planning stage for development of an innovative 104-acre site now known as University Village – a new campus that will combine public and private resources in a mix of business, retail, office, services, housing, parks and recreation, and of course all of this will be open to the diverse ELI community.

4. UNK presents an overall student experience that is truly incomparable…

UNK is situated right in the middle of Kearney, Nebraska; a vibrant, progressive and growing community of over 30,000 people. Its position on the Great Plains, the heartland of America, means students can keep ties with the natural world while enjoying student life. It’s the kind of city that visitors are often tempted to settle down in, for life. Kearney often makes national “top places to live” listings for numerous reasons, but it all comes down to this:

Kearney offers a great quality of life.

A city that extends UNK’s friendly, supportive, and collaborative way of life, Kearney is small but continually expanding; modern, yet determined about preserving its history and traditions, pioneering heritage and old-world charm.

Kearney’s bustling economy co-exists with the enviable quality of life that results from safe and quality housing, excellent schools, medical care and other government services, a multitude of recreational and cultural opportunities, and safe, progressive neighborhoods. The unemployment rate in Kearney remains, constantly, near the lowest in the nation, meaning jobs for students and partners of new employees are easy to find.

The proximity of campus offers easy access to the bright lights of the city, so you can take advantage of year-round cultural events, shopping centers, outdoor recreational facilities, affordable housing, award-winning restaurants, as well as hockey, musical shows, plays, and a variety of concerts, many within walking distance of the campus. As if that’s not enough, the town is located 1,733 miles from Boston and San Francisco, and with easy access to an international airport, the world is literally at your feet!


This article was sponsored by the University of Nebraska at Kearney, a school committed to providing an outstanding education in a personal, student-centered setting. It represents the affordable hub of intellectual, cultural and artistic excellence in Nebraska, something the institution is renowned for on a global scale.

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